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It is only natural that you want to have the best possible look on your big day. Therefore, start experimenting with your makeup 2-3 months before the wedding while wearing something white so that you can see for yourself what kind of look suits you the best. Still, there are some general rules that usually apply for bride’s makeup you might want to try out.


Before you start applying different foundations and powders, you have to make sure that your skin is hydrated and smooth. Therefore do not neglect your beauty routine and exfoliation at any time before the wedding. Only then will the foundation look perfect. Moreover, choose a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone since shades that are a bit off are easily noticed while you wear a white dress. Try different foundations to check which one wears the best on your type of skin. Of course, if you are doing your makeup on your own for the wedding, do not forget to blend, blend and blend because you would not want a mask effect on your face. When picking a concealer go for one that is one shade lighter than your skin tone so that you can use it to highlight this area of your face. Moreover, do not forget to set everything with a powder. Translucent powders that do not show on the skin once they are applied are the best choice for this occasion.

Innocent eyes

If you are worried about possible fallout when applying eye shadow you might want to consider doing your eye makeup before anything else. Do not forget to wear a primer so that the shadow can stick to your lids better and stay in place all day. Go for neutral colors that go well with your eye color and skin tone. Eye shadows and eyeliners that are just too intense will not look great in combination with white dress so opt for those that will not create harsh lines and smoky eyes. You could also try coal rimming your eyes instead of trying to pull off a cat eyeliner if you want to make your lashes fuller and eyes more open but still want to keep the eyes simple. Try to refrain from using false lashes because they can irritate the eyes if left on the whole day so try to find waterproof mascara that would give you a similar effect. If your skin and hair are fair, brown mascara would go better for your overall look instead of striking black.

Pops of color

Instead of going all out with your contour kit, focus on the right color of the blush that will bring out your best features. If you have fair skin, light pink will look great. For those with yellowish and olive undertones a peachy blush is never a wrong choice, while rosy blushes look really flattering on deeper skin tones. Cheap blushes can quickly fade away from your cheeks so do not be stingy when it comes to your wedding look. There are many high quality brands on the market, such as Jane Iredale makeup, that will ensure that you get the most out of a certain product. Moreover, it is important to pick a bit brighter lip color. Nude lips are nice, but in combination with neutral eyes and white dress, they can make you a bit washed out. On the other hand, lips that are too bold and dark can look mismatched with your overall appearance. Therefore, it would be best to stay in the pinky range and pick a shade that would freshen up your face and add a perfect amount of the vibrant vibe.

Even if your makeup for the big day will finally be done by a professional makeup artist, do not forget to try everything on your own first so that you can give helpful directions and clearly say what you want and what is out of question when it comes to your beautiful face.

Article by :  Diana, mom of two beautiful girls and a great beauty and fashion lover.

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