Kerala Wedding Trends 2019

Violet themed wedding

Practice at Dresses

Modern brides look for comfort over aesthetic. Example, The rise of pocketed wedding dresses for brides. This offers the option of keeping their valuables close to them on their big day.

Themed Weddings

Moving away from conventional whites and creams, reds, pinks, violet, yellow and even oranges are set to take a starring role in everything from floral arrangements to bridesmaid dresses. Metallic wedding dresses are also 2019 trend.

Eco friendly Wedding

All are moving away from plastic. Organic menus and replanted flowers are now trending. Also reducing guest and giving donation to charitable society.

Tech weddings

Video-mapping and drones are already infiltrating the matrimonial sphere. Live streaming is also a trend now.

Engagement Moons

Traditional honeymoons are out of fashion so opt for engagement moons instead. This is primarily because, weddings are expensive and a person’s pockets may be feeling a little empty after splashing out on the day itself more over its give an understanding before marriage.

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