Kerala Brides Look Gorgeous On Their Wedding Day – Secrets Revealed!

There is a popular saying that marriages are made in heaven and materialized on Earth. Tremendous amount of effort is required to make the wedding a grand affair. There are several factors involved in making this event more memorable. Among several factors, the only thing which leaves a wonderful effect on the guest is the bride’s look and her dressing sense. This is completely true in case of Kerala wedding. Everyone attending the function will talk about couture and jewelry of the bride. In order to grab everyone’s attention, the bride prefers dressing well on the big day. The look achieved by the Kerala brides depends greatly on the dress and jewelry she wears.

Jewelry for Kerala Brides

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Jewelry for Kerala Brides

About wedding jewelry for Kerala brides

Kerala wedding jewelry plays a vital role in giving a gorgeous look to the bride. There are lots of wedding jewelry collections available in the market for adorning the bride on her wedding day. There are also numerous jewelry designers and brands that offer a wide gamut of jewelries with different stone setting, design and style based on wedding ceremonies and occasions. You will find sparkling ornaments such as earrings, necklaces, arm band, maang Tika, waistbands, anklets and ring for adorning the bride and make her look the best on her wedding. The wedding jewelry should be chosen in compliance with the bridal dress so that a perfect look can be achieved.

Popular jewelry collection

Kerala brides choose various types of jewelries to complete her look on the wedding day. Some of the most popular and preferred jewelry design by Kerala brides include, Polka jewelry, Kundan jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry and many more. Among all these jewelry types, Kundan wedding jewelry set has been the most preferred style as these jewelries are available in charismatic designs and match well with any bridal outfit.

Kerala Jewelry assortments are made with different kinds of materials. Earlier days, these jewelry pieces are made out of metals such as silver and gold but due to the discoveries of new materials and evolution of new trends, Kerala wedding jewelry designs have reached a summit. There is a great demand for white gold jewelry among Kerala brides but the jewelry crafted in yellow gold is regarded auspicious during wedding ceremonies. The brides are not only showing interest to wear silver and gold jewelries but also prefer wearing platinum jewelries that allure a huge number of brides across the glove. This latest trend is gaining more attention in the fashion wedding jewelry. There are also a huge collection of wedding jewelries available for Kerala brides made with beads, crystals, precious and semi precious stones and gemstones.

Kerala bridal dresses

When it comes to bridal wear, the Kerala brides prefer wearing sarees during wedding ceremonies and lehenga or designer sarees during reception. However, this custom may change according the religion and tradition followed by the particular Keralite family. There are several types of wedding sarees available for Kerala brides and they range from silk sarees, traditional Kerala kasavu sarees, chiffon sarees, silk cotton sarees, embroidery sarees, designer sarees, net sarees and many more. Each of these saree types has several subcategories and so, Kerala brides have a big list of wedding outfits to choose from. However, the perfect blend of wedding jewelries and elaborately designed bridal dresses in luxurious fabrics, embellishments and color combinations has become the style mantra for Kerala brides.

Kerala wedding dresses and wedding jewelry designs are synonymous to elaborate embellishments, vivacious colors, designers and luxurious fabrics. They offer unique look to the brides and make her more appealing on her wedding day.

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