Mehendi Function

Interesting Facts About Mehendi Function In Kerala Wedding

Kerala weddings are highly recognized for several rituals. The beauty of Kerala wedding is due to various traditions associated with the celebration. Everyone knows that Kerala wedding is incomplete without music, dance and laughter. Moreover, the celebration and ceremonies last for more than a week. Though there are several traditions and cultures observed during a typical Kerala wedding, one of the most prominent ones is mehendi ceremony. During mehendi function, mehendi will be applied on the feet and hands of the bride. The bride will be given an elaborate design on her feet and hands whereas the groom is given a small design. Mehendi function is a part of both Muslim and Hindu weddings. Women prefer applying mehendi not only during wedding, but also during festivals such as Diwali, Ramzan and Teez, keen interest to apply mehendi.

How Mehendi Function Is Celebrated?

A family member is called in to apply mehendi on the palms and feet of bride. However, the modern brides want to hire a mehendi expert with extensive experience to create unique mehendi designs. The expert creates elaborate designs with a cone stuffed with mehendi. When the mehendi is being applied, traditional musical instruments will be played and guests dance to the beats. Apart from bride, other females also get mehendi applied on their hands. This mehendi ceremony seems to be extremely festive and is usually organized in the bride’s house. It is celebrated a couple of days before the wedding date. This ceremony is filled with lots of music, foods, fun and laughter.

Latest Trends In Mehendi

Over the time, a lot of inclusions have been made in Kerala weddings but the significance of mehendi function has not lowered; rather it has increased. You can find many families bringing in DJs to play charming songs to ensure maximum celebration until the late night. The only thing changed in the ceremony is the patterns and designs. Today, Kerala brides are experimenting with indo-arabic and Arabic designs as per their desire. Some mehendi experts suggest using semi precious stones to be embedded in the design. The trend of multi color mehendi designs has been growing at a faster pace among Kerala brides.

Other Celebration In Mehendi Function

The mehendi ceremony for groom takes place at his home. During this ceremony, the bride and groom are not decked up and their outfits will be very simple. Once mehendi is applied on the bride’s palm, the female relatives will attend the groom’s ceremony. This celebration involves a lot of fun and excitements. Charming is further added to this function by playing traditional songs and music. Mehendi function is the reflection of rich Indian tradition and culture which is filled with several lovely sentiments, joy and fun. It is really an ideal precursor to the auspicious marriage day.

There are some popular beliefs involved in this mehendi ceremony. If the color of the mehendi is darker on the bride’s hand, then it is believed that groom will have a deep love for the bride. The color of the mehendi also depicts the understanding and love between the bride and mother in law. If the mehendi color retains for a longer time, it is considered to be more auspicious for the newly wedded couple. Mehendi color is also associated with the fertility. Such an important role is being played by mehendi function in a wedding.

One of the interesting facts about wedding mehendi designs is that the name of the groom will be inscribed secretly on the bride’s palm. If the groom fails to find his name, then the bride will be the dominant in their marriage life.

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