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Mehendi Designs- Overview

Girls are highly acquainted with different types of cosmetics and other natural abstracts that make them look more beautiful. When it comes to wedding, applying mehendi on feet and hands has become common rituals among Kerala Brides. Mehndi plays a vital role not only during festivals but also during wedding occasions. Most of the times, the hands and feet up to their elbow and knee are adorned with elbow which adds a special touch to their wedding costumes.

In Kerala mehendi is called as Mylanchi and is widely used by Muslin Brides. However, you can find brides of almost every religion and community applying mehendi on their hands, fingers, toes and leg. It is worth saying that there is not even a single bride who appears on the wedding stage without bearing mehendi on her hand. The traditional mehendi designs are transformed to be more decorative and are intricate with time. Due to the growing popularity of mehendi, many artists took over this profession. You can expect them to create innovative mehendi designs on your wedding day.

List Of Popular Mehendi Designs In Kerala

Paisley Design

This is one of the timeless classic designs preferred by many Kerala brides over other designs. The motifs are done in different forms such as popular mango design. You can find this design having pretty and small paisleys on the finger tips and large paisleys in the palm. The intricate strokes and the curvy tip emphasize the symmetry and a smooth flow of the design respectively.

Floral Mehendi Design

Flowers are regarded as the neutral motif to put on your special day. In fact, the floral mehendi designs go well with Kerala bridal saree. This floral pattern looks completely fabulous and stunning. The large floral designs are shaded to create the depth while the tiny leaves are made to accentuate the long fingers of the bride. With vines and petals of various sizes, the design looks intriguing and delicate.

Royal Architecture

This kind of mehendi design reminds you about the elaborate architecture designs. These designs will be mostly preferred by Muslim Kerala Brides. The floral designs and domes resemble the carved designs and cemented pillars of royal residences. While the major objective of this design is the split pattern and chequered, petals and paisleys are also included on the fingers and wrists to make the design eye catching.

Raja Rani Design

Raja Rani Design is very common in kerala bridal mehendi design which showcases the artwork of king and queen of Mughal Era. Regardless of the intricate pattern that has been drawn around the two faces, the major point of the design is very unique and innovative.

Elephant Featuring Mehendi Design

This is one of the most favorite wedding mehendi designs for Kerala brides. The swirly and curvy patterns add flair to the design whilst keeping the feet adorned to a great extent. The elephant design is extremely unique and stands apart from common floral and peacock pattern.

Peacock Design

The stunning and elegant peacock design is another popular mehendi designs preferred not only by Kerala brides but by most women. In fact, this design is known to add a feminine touch and credit to the beauty of the brides. With elaborated feathers and floral design, the peacock design looks awesome on any brides. The beautiful feathers and long neck of peacock are beautifully engraved.

Color Mehendi

This is one of the new concepts that had risen in the mehendi industry. Many brides are trying to experiment with this mehendi concept on their wedding day.

There are still more mehendi designs available for kerala brides to choose from.

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