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Kerala Wedding Gown Trends

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Kerala Wedding Gown Trends

A wedding gown is the most memorable and special garment in the lift time of a woman. Though it is quite late to admit the gown tradition, brides in Kerala have started adapting to it with full desire and hence, gowns have become a great style statement when it comes to wedding fashion. It would probably because of the beauty and alluring nature of the Christian bride; to your surprise, even those brides who are non-Christians demand for wedding gowns in the state. You may call it as a western fixation, liberal attitude or simply a measure of changing trends and times, due to which more brides are interested in wearing gorgeous gowns on their grand wedding occasion. Kerala based Christians as well as NRIs and non-Christians now visit Kochi and choose wedding gowns meticulously. Hindu brides, when they host receptions and engagements at hotels and resorts, choose gowns of pleasing shades such as subtle gold and off white. Since Muslim mostly don’t prohibit donning in gowns, they opt for colored and white gowns as well during Mehendi functions like Arabic wedding traditions.

You would be surprised to know that most of the wedding gowns that you find in the leading retail outlets of metros come from the northern remote corner of Kerala, where in a designer, uses her creativity with great passion and showed that geographical limit is not an obstacle. Many of the branded clothing stores have observed this upcoming bridal trend and hence orders are rushing in at one of the stores in Kerala. In elegant theme-based weddings, wedding gowns for bride’s maid and flower girls must also to be matched with the wedding style and theme. The vintage thematic wedding is always an exotic one for which the gowns are made in champagne color with Chantilly lace. This dress contains A line silhouette having a scalloped hem line, full sleeves, high neckline and soft silks sash near the waist to improve the figure. The veil was amazingly tulle bunched near the nape of neck edged with seed pearl, rhinestones and lace. The flower girls and maids are dressed in the blend of champagne and Chantilly colored chiffon. It was fun and challenging to develop the perfect vintage appeal for the bride.

Since the materials available for wedding gown purpose are scarce in India, they are mostly imported. Gowns having finest quality laves like Chantilly, dutchess satins, thai silks, etc. are in huge demand featuring sewn crystal embellishments, faux pearls, rhinestones, Indian hand embroidery and Swarovski crystals. It is the fact that since the trend is upsurging, many shops as well as gown boutiques have been launched in the city of Kochi in Kerala. However, keralites yet prefer wedding gowns in conventional styles. They mostly seek for gowns with sleeves and off shoulders or broad back that are still considered as a style statement. Most of the bride looks for something distinct to expose an Indo-western combination, particularly those who reside into cross-cultural marriages and overseas.

The wedding gown designer in Kerala speaks out that wedding gowns with same volumes of a mermaid line or a lehenga can flaunt femininity. A more customized touch of a designer can emphasize a slim silhouette or conceal any unseemly bulge with certain draping techniques. If you still think that white wedding gown is very common, you can combine it up with motifs and conventional embroidery patterns. This particularly suits for Hindu brides. When you are heavy at hips and slim around shoulders, a more fitted appearance at the top and bulky bottom that is high on nets and drapes, will work wonder.

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