Find the Perfect Dress – How to Make Your Bridesmaids Happy

The tradition of having young single women dress like the bride stems from an old world belief that bridesmaids in similar attire would confuse evil spirits and protect the bride from demonic attack. While today’s brides may not worry about demons, they still want to look beautiful as they support their honored friend. Follow these simple guidelines for choosing the perfect dress that will make your bridesmaids happy.

Choose Silhouettes Similar to Your Wedding Gown

It’s not easy finding a dress that suits all body types, but consider dresses that fit your wedding theme and silhouette. Fitted bridesmaids dresses complement a fitted mermaid bridal gown. However, if you’re wearing a formal full skirted ball gown with lots of bling, don’t let anyone else steal your thunder—a smaller yet formal silhouette is more appropriate. Other silhouettes include A-line dresses flared from the waist, Empire dresses fitting tightly just below the bust line, or form-fitting straight sheaths. To suit every body type, consider mixing different silhouettes using the same color and fabric for uniformity.

Don’t Neglect Necklines and Sleeves

If you choose a strapless gown with a head-turning sweetheart neckline, select strapless gowns for your bridesmaids but with a less dramatic straight neckline. A cap sleeve provides a modest covering for less than perfect arms, while long or quarter length sleeves work well for winter weddings. No matter what style you choose, there’s always a way to make any look tasteful and applicable to any color scheme.

Select an Appropriate Length

Formal or informal dresses can be floor length, above the knee, or tea length, just brushing the calves. The look that you’re going for will denote the style that you need for your special day. Select a length that complements the dress but not one that shows too much skin. You don’t want your wedding to turn into a peep show.

Coordinate Colors with the Season

Depending on the season, your colors can match anything you set your mind to. For fall weddings, choose earth tones: rust, beige, olive green, or orange. Springtime nuptials include pastels like mint, coral, lavender, or turquoise. For summer choose colors that reflect sand and sea: beige, off white, sea foam green or pale blue. Winter bridesmaids love jewel tones like reds, burgundy, emerald green or royal blue.

Don’t Break the Bank

Being a bridesmaid shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! Shop online at specialty sites like Discountrue and use their 6pmcom promo code for 40% off brand name bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes, and accessories.

If you want to make your wedding day memorable, be sure to honor your bridesmaids with attractive attire that will make them proud to be part of your special day.

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