Excellent Wedding Sarees And Blouse Designs For Your Body Shape

Blouses are regarded as one of the essential components of Kerala bridal wear. It has the ability of complementing the whole beauty of wedding sarees. The blouses are stitched in such a way that it lets the midriff bare whilst accentuating the contours of your body. This helps in draping the sarees elegantly. Only if the blouse is snugly fitted and fabulously designed, it makes you look splendor and attractive. A wrongly designed and stitched wedding saree blouse could completely ruin the bridal look whereas a gorgeously fitted blouse could add grace even if your wedding dress is simple and elegant. If your wedding is nearing and do not have any idea on choosing the right blouse design for your body shape, here is our small guide.

Wedding Sarees And Blouse Designs

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Wedding Sarees And Blouse Designs

Brides With Voluptuous Figure

If you have a perfect hourglass structure, then you are voluptuous. Your body shape looks entirely different to athletic looking. You can drape chiffon, net, georgette sarees with heavy works as they can get wrapped around your womanly curves. Even light embroidery sarees work better with stringy blouses. You can wear halter neck blouses to look great on your wedding day but backless blouse designs add credit to your elegance.

Slim Yet Short Women

If you have a slim body and are short, then you must stay away from bold prints. Always choose the wedding sarees with thin borders. The small prints do wonder for short women with petite neck. You can choose blouses with oval or rectangular neck designs or backless design with ¾ sleeves. They look elegant and glamorous whilst giving you plenty of confidence on your wedding.

Slim Yet Tall Women

If you are tall but look slim, you may have athletic looking. So, you should go with heavy sarees with lots of embroideries. The sarees should boast bold, big and bright prints with heavy borders to prevent lengthening your body shape. You can pair it up with blouses with high neck designs and Chinese collar as it complements your long neck. Even heavily embroidered blouses with simple pair of earring are enough to accentuate your look.

Overweight Women

Overweight women can choose to wear silk sarees on their wedding day but they should avoid wearing sarees made with cotton or other stiff fabrics as they provide you with a gigantic look. Even light sarees in dark colors look great and gorgeous for big women. Moreover, the blouses should be long or full sleeved and must cover the waistline to reduce the exposure.

Pear-Shaped Body

If your lower part is heavier than your upper part, then you are having pear shaped body. Opting for georgette or chiffon sarees helps you to balance the two portions perfectly. Brides who want to look fashionable can go with blouses in halter neck or spaghetti style.

Apple-Shaped Body

If your upper part looks heavy and broad, then you may have an apple shaped body. In such cases, you can go with sarees featuring beautiful embroideries. It is better to complement your look with long blouses that could cover your waist. You can achieve striking look by choosing blouses in bright colors but stay away from spaghetti style.

Slim Figure

If you are blessed with slim figure, then you can choose sarees in stiff fabrics such as cotton and raw silk. Even cotton silk and organza fabrics match well with slim body figure and complement with blouse of any style. You can choose to wear blouses in different styles such as sleeveless, halter necks, tube blouses, spaghetti style and low neck to look awesome.

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