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Avail Photographic Services For Your Kerala Wedding To Capture Memorable Moments

For anyone in this world, there cannot be any important day than their wedding. The charisma of wedding celebration can bring love, joy, smile and tears from your heart. Yes, from your heart! One of the best ways available to capture all these loveable memories is to hire the best wedding photographer who can capture the wedding moments in a professional manner. You must remember that Kerala weddings are not confined to sentiments alone but it involves a lot of fun and frolic that plays a vital role in the celebration. Several trends have emerged in wedding photography. Kerala weddings are the most lavish affair and are not complete without the photography services. The wedding photographer remains ahead with the changing trends in photography.

Different types of wedding photography

Basically, the wedding photographer offers 5 different types of photographic services such as artistic, formal, documentary, candid and contemporary. Among them candid photography are preferred by most Kerala couples. With this photography, the bridegrooms and guests are not required to pose for photographing. Candid is all about natural look. When you look after 15 or 20 years, you can cherish with the sweet memories of your wedding on looking at the natural pictures. You will not get this excitement when you look at the pictures with fake smiles.

Pre wedding and post wedding video

As Kerala wedding celebration extends for more than a week with a several ceremonies carried out every day, the pre wedding photography can be helpful in capturing sweet memories of celebrations of sangeet and mehendi functions. Of course, post wedding photography is used to capture some of the exciting moments and ceremonies occurred after tying the knot. Both in pre wedding and post wedding photography, romantic background songs are played and are even captured in different location. However, this could be extremely higher and even cost more than seventy five thousand to one lakh.

Photo shoots

In the recent years, the photo shoots have become more popular among Kerala bridegrooms. Though it seems to be pointless and ridiculous, there are several ins in it. The couple has to choose a number of romantic destinations such as beaches, parks, hill stations or any other romantic place to give poses for the photographer. The truth behind this concept is that the couple could recollect the memories on seeing the pictures after several years and understand how much love they had.

Expenses of Kerala wedding photography

Most of the people want the wedding to be celebrated in a simple and small affair while others are ready to spend a lot of money on their wedding. Some families spend a huge sum of money in capturing sweet memories on all the ceremonies celebrated for more a week. In such cases, it is better to opt for packages that range between one lakh to 3 lakhs.


One of the best things about hiring wedding photographer is that they perform all sorts of editing tasks to enhance the beauty of the images. Even special effects are added to the pictures to make them look gorgeous and stunning. While hiring the wedding photographers, you should convey your requirements to the photographer. You will not be having any chance to retake the photographs again and so, you must look at the sample photographic works and evaluate their skills in photographing. Most of the professionals have various styles in capturing the cherishing moments in wedding. You can hire him only if he is capable of providing the services in your desirable way. Otherwise, you can skip on to some other one with good skills and reputation in the wedding photography industry.

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