Perfect Wedding Ring

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Planning a wedding is a long but also exciting process. After you’ve set the date, decided where you’d like to exchange your vows, it’s time to pick the perfect wedding rings. It usually takes up to six weeks for rings to be made as you want them, so be sure to start the search on time. From yellow and white gold, to silver and platinum, the choices are numerous, but the ultimate decision will be based solely on your personal preference, and maybe a couple of more factors.

Shop on time

The first step in shopping for a wedding band is getting a general idea about how the ring should look. If you can already picture it in your head, than you can start the search and try various pieces on, before you decide which one is for you. It’s imperative that you start your search at least three months in advance, since this can really be daunting. Between finding the perfect ring and getting a fair price on it, while still paying attention on its quality, the time will fly before you know it and you won’t even realize the wedding is approaching really fast. What’s more, if you decide to get engravings as well, this can take an extra month to the original three to six weeks to make a custom-made ring.

Agree on design

If you plan to wear your engagement ring together with the wedding band, it’s important that the designs of these two somewhat match. What’s more, create a balance between the two, so that the band doesn’t look more prominent than the engagement ring. For example, both your wedding band and your engagement ring can be made of the same metal. If your wedding ring has a big stone and sparkles a lot, try to go for a less glitzy wedding ring. A diamond-studded band would be a great addition to a vibrant engagement ring, if you wish to bring out the sparkle in them.

Mix and match

Choosing the same metal for your and your future husband’s ring isn’t necessary. What’s more, you may opt for similar wedding bands, or go for completely different, and it wouldn’t be a big deal. The wedding ring should match your own style, and if it happens that you and your husband don’t have a matching set, that’s perfectly fine. If you’ve chosen white gold and your husband yellow, you could have the same engravings in the rings and still have something that’s the same about the rings.

Get the right size

Since you won’t be taking your wedding ring off often, and you’ll wear it at different temperatures and during various activities as well as pregnancy, it’s important to find the right size that won’t be too small or too big at any time. Therefore, shop for wedding rings and have your final fitting when your body temperature is normal, and when you’re calm. Since your body retains water during the night, don’t have a final fitting in the morning. Avoid ring fitting after you’ve exercised since your fingers will be swollen.

Pay attention to quality

Be sure to pay attention to two marks inside the band that every ring must have if it went through a quality control. The manufacturer’s trademark and the quality mark must be engraved inside the ring, which proves that you’re actually buying a certain metal that you want, and you know it’s of high quality.

Choosing a wedding ring isn’t as simple as it may seem at first. Not only should you start looking for the perfect wedding bands months before the wedding, but also make sure the design fits your engagement ring to a certain extent. Make sure you get the right size, but don’t worry if the designs don’t match. As long as the quality is flawless, you shouldn’t worry about anything else.

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