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Changing Trends in Kerala Bridal Jewellery & Shopping

Almost two years ago, a young Malayali girl Elizabeth Chandy surprised everyone by wearing jewellery made of coconut shells on her wedding day. If you recall, Malayali actress Rima Kallingal wore silver jewellery for her wedding. Both these women had nothing against gold jewellery per se, but they had a dislike for brides being decked up in gold from head to toe.

However, these are one-off cases; Kerala brides still love their gold jewellery. The jewellery that they wear on their special day is still the most important thing after their outfit. But the modern Kerala bride’s choice when it comes to jewellery and jewellery shopping has changed. It has become more refined, so to speak. They hate decking themselves in chunky pieces of jewellery and have started enjoying the convenience of online jewellery shopping, too.

The coming of age of bridal jewellery
Kerala’s fondness for gold is well-known. Blame it on the Gulf influx. You will find jewellery shops in every nook and cranny, and there are plenty of gold jewellery designs to choose from. It is believed that the gold you get to buy in Kerala is pure. That could be the reason why many people from the North shop for gold in Kerala.
Now, coming back to Kerala brides, the craze is currently for signature gold and even diamond jewellery. She prefers clean cuts and simple gold ornaments.

Changing trends: Dainty layered gold necklaces
While pearls and stones have found favour among north Indian brides, Kerala brides still love gold and diamond jewellery. However, they have, indeed, simplified their jewellery game. They are keeping things simple by adorning themselves with just a statement piece of jewellery or two. A multi-layered gold necklace is preferred by many brides as they give them a magnificent yet elegant look. They team it up with beautifully crafted bangles, classy maang tika or chuti and heavy earrings, which are still an essential part of south Indian bridal jewellery sets.

The craze for classy diamond jewellery
Diamonds are precious and rare and give a classy look to the wearer. And Kerala Christian brides prefer mostly diamond jewellery. This is mainly because more and more Christian brides have started wearing gowns for their weddings, and diamond goes well with it.

Polki jewellery
Polki jewellery has always been a craze with the north Indian brides. The trend has now trickled down to the south as well. It appeals to the modern Malayali bride as it gives a glamorous and stylish look to the wearer. Polki design is nothing but uncut diamonds set in gold that is exceptionally costly due to the craftsmanship that goes into making the jewellery. Since bridal jewellery is something that is passed on from one generation to another, the traditional design of Polki is highly appreciated by Kerala brides. Another reason for its rise in popularity is that they look stunning with both bridal lehengas and saris.

Going online for gold shopping
The net savvy Kerala women love to shop gold jewellery online. What has attracted them to shop gold jewellery online despite the innumerable gold shops is the convenience factor. The variety of gold jewellery designs and the heavy discounts online jewellers are offering have also made online jewellery shopping more appealing to Kerala women.

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This article is written by Manu Vipin for Gaj Gallery, a site for online gold jewellery shopping in India. She previously worked as a features writer for The New Indian Express and The Times of India.

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