5 Commonly Forgotten Things for Weddings

Weddings are always special, but the pains of planning it, sometimes goes beyond control. Why? Because there are thousand and one things to plan and amidst the pressure of effortless execution, you tend to forget some most important things. And when you finally realize about that “great miss”, it’s already late. So, we decided to put here up, those five things which are commonly forgotten in every wedding.

1. A rain plan: Following the trend of destination wedding, many such events are taking place right at the lap of nature. In fact, sometimes, wedding happens just under the sun in some breathtaking location. But, what if the bright sunny weather turns into a perfect rainy day? Unfortunately, in most wedding there’s no rain plan. Some people tend to avoid it to get rid of the huge price tag attached with it, but having a rain plan beforehand, keeps frustration miles away.

2. Getting extra seating arrangements:
You probably have an idea that how many guests are coming to the party, but, the calculations don’t always follow the rule. The number of guests might increase at the time of wedding. May be, the bride has done some last minute invitations. So, it’s important to get some extra seats beforehand to avoid the embarrassment.

3. Designating a photographer: Among so many things that you might need to plan out, getting a professional photographer is important, but after all the arrangements, suddenly we realize that the photographer is not designated. By the time, we realize it, it’s too late.

4. Vendors need to eat too: Yes, they are vendors, but you can’t let them leave your wedding without eating. Right? But, unfortunately, the eating arrangements often fall short and it can’t cater more than those who are invited. Sometimes, there’s a contract signed about the vendors’ dining at the wedding, but even if that’s not signed beforehand, invite him for the dining as an act of decency.

5. Including tips and taxes in the Budget: When you are planning a wedding, budget should be given a top priority. Having a proper budget well in advance saves you from unnecessary embarrassment in the long run. But, while chalking out a budget, we mistakenly forget about the tips and taxes that often come as an added factor with the overall budget. Hence, we need to incur extra expenses at the end.

Keep these things in mind, so that you don’t miss out these things in your wedding plan.


Article by : Katelyn is a freelance writer and wedding planner. Currently she is promoting event planning app – GalaPal and successfully organised the weddings.

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