Unique Wedding Ideas

Unique Wedding Ideas

Weddings are occasions to celebrate love and union of two people, but nowadays, they are also a way to express creativity and individuality in the most grandiose manner. In that respect, most couples opt for very interesting, unusual and unique wedding themes that set them apart from the rest as well as represent their own interests and likes. Check out some of the most unique wedding ideas – you never know where you will find inspiration for your own dream wedding.

Indoor furniture outdoors
Organizing your wedding outdoors in a garden or park is nothing unheard of, but on most occasions, these weddings have usual outdoor furniture set out. To make things more interesting and unique, you can always use indoor furniture and organize your setting with indoor venue in mind. Sofas, carpets, dining tables and floor lamps among the greenery and flowers look really exceptional and extraordinary.

Outstanding wedding photography
Having your wedding photos taken under garlands and surrounded by beautiful scenery can be taken to another level. Have you ever thought how fascinating your wedding photos can look if you take some pictures while standing in a boat in the middle of a lake? Or jumping in a bouncy castle? Or waving from an air balloon? Pictures from the highest tower or windows of an old castle also look mesmerizing. Photos are there to stay and remind you of this incredible day, so make sure to select the most unique background and setting for them.

Opt for surprises
There’s no better way to make your wedding more interesting and unique than by surprising your guests. There are many almost unconventional things that you can do. For example, stage some glamorous entrances and exits. Bring in the cake with fireworks and candles. Offer the most creative wedding favors for your guests. Play some interesting music completely atypical of weddings, etc. Even the usual things such as the first dance can be made more spectacular with special light show and confetti.

Provide cool events
In order to make your wedding day even more unique, move away from your expected wedding activities and throw in a lot more engaging events for both you and your guests. You can have a lot of fun by organizing giant twister game for everyone to enter. You can play tug of war with bride’s and groom’s guests. There are also many professional magicians and comedians for hire if you want to spice things up even more. Allow your guests to write you special messages using a certain number of words or have them describe the two of you in one word. These and many other things that you can come up with make for a really special and memorable wedding day.

Spice up the menu
You can have your traditional food and drinks choices for your wedding day, but you can also make things a lot more unique if you have the food made in interesting shapes and drinks served in unusual and creative glasses. If you have a specific theme in mind, you can also use food coloring, cutlery and plates to completely integrate the theme into the wedding. Not many people bother to adjust their menu to the theme, which is precisely why it can make everyone amazed even more. Just make sure that your wedding caterer is at the top of the game.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to discuss it with your future spouse first. With your own shared experiences and many meaningful stories, you can create the wedding reception and ceremony that will be the main talk for years to come. And it will always be something to happily reminiscent about as time goes by.


Article by : Diana, mom of two beautiful girls and a great beauty and fashion lover.

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