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Wedding Invitations: 5 Tips For Getting Them Sent Out Fast

Wedding invitations can really help set the tone for your wedding. They let your guests know whether your wedding is going to be a casual, chic soiree or a formal, glitzy affair. That’s why it’s important to get your wedding invites ready to go, stamped, and in the mail safely on their way to your guests’ waiting hands asap. Here are some tips to help make that possible.

Start Collecting Guest Addresses Early

Once upon a time, people kept all their contacts’ info in spiral bound address books. Nowadays, our contacts are in our cell phones and more often than not we’ve got their phone number, email, and Facebook account but not their actual physical address. Avoid the last minute plea on Facebook to all your 300+ nearest and dearest to send you their addresses. Instead, start collecting addresses for your guest list now. Do it right now! Start dialing, emailing, or sending out private Facebook messages to get those addresses and input them into that excel spreadsheet that you should already have made.

Learn The Etiquette Dos and Don’ts Now So You Don’t Have To Correct Your Mistakes Later

There are plenty of opinions on the dos and don’t of addressing wedding stationery. Becoming acquainted with the etiquette rules before you start writing in pen is definitely best practice. If you opt for a wedding stationery suite, then remember that there are also rules about assembling all the pieces in their proper order. Don’t wait until you’ve licked the envelope to figure this out, otherwise you’ll be licking new envelopes and tasting adhesive for weeks.

If You Have 5 Bridesmaids, That’s 10 Extra Helping Hands. Use Them!

Brides are always proposing to bridesmaids with “I couldn’t say I do without you.” Well they really shouldn’t assemble, address, and lick closed their wedding invitations without their bridesmaids either. Your wedding party is a set of helping hands willing and able to assist you in the process of getting your wedding invites sent out fast. For goodness sake, utilize them. I am sure that everyone would be more than happy to help.

Be Honest With Yourself About Your DIY Capabilities

Pinterest perfect wedding suite stationery either takes creative skill and time or it takes money. If you are a DIY goddess who has what looks like the inventory of a craft supply store in your apartment, maybe making your own invites is the right way to go. Be sure you have some extra time off work coming up before you commit yourself to the task though. All the creative skills in the world will do you no good if you work 80 hours a week and want to see your fiancé every now and then. However, if you lack in the creative skills department, or just simply don’t have the time to spare, consider getting ready-made invites. You don’t have to spend heaps of money with a graphic designer, if you don’t want to. In fact, there are plenty of websites selling wedding invitations at affordable prices.

Clear Your Head Of Other Worries Before Tackling The Task Of Handling Your Wedding Invitations

Brides often get to the bridezilla state due to stress. Be a stress free bride by finding a venue that has an open-vendor policy and includes all your essentials. Noah’s Event Venues are a good example of the type of place you should look for. Places like this have venues all over the US and provide a lot of great services to help make your day a breeze. When you don’t have to worry about your essentials and aren’t restricted by a venue’s subpar vendor team, it becomes a whole lot easier to focus on little tasks like your wedding invitations.

Overall, following these 5 tips will ensure that you get your wedding invitations get sent out fast and get mailed without a hitch. Once your guests receive your invitation, you’ll be one step closer to your perfect wedding.

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