Keralite Wedding Reception

Beneficial Tips And Essential Checklist For A Typical Keralite Wedding Reception

Wedding is regarded as the most expensive affair and involves a lot of expenditures. If money is not a problem for you, you can spend a lot of money to celebrate the occasion in a grand manner. However, a huge part of your budget is allotted for organizing wedding reception as it comprises of several things such as stage decoration, reception outfits for bride and grooms, food serving, favors for guests, reception invitation and many more. Planning for a Kerala wedding reception requires a lot of skill to make the celebration more enjoyable and flawless. It is definitely a daunting task to organize a wedding reception as sometimes, you may be required to cut corners to reduce your expenses. However, there are certain possible ways which could bring out the creative side and organize the reception in a successful manner.

Prepare the guest list

First and foremost thing that you may be required to organize a successful wedding is to prepare the guest list. Simply write down the name of your guests that you want to invite for your Kerala wedding. If you are budget minded, you can invite only your relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues close to you. This helps you to save a great deal of money on drinks, foods and beverages, favors, accommodation and invitation cards. Once you have shortlisted, explore online stores to buy invitation cards where you may avail some discounts and offers. After printing the invitation, you can either give them by visiting directly to their home or send by postal.


If you have planned to organize your wedding reception in a wedding hall, then you must choose flower decorations. The decorators use natural flowers to enhance the gorgeousness of the background settings. They also arrange for tables with appealing handmade centerpieces. If you don’t want to spend too much on background setting, you can choose to organize the reception at outdoor garden location, museum or backyard. You can also save money by using do it yourself tips found on the internet. Some beautiful, artistic decorating items can be chosen to offer a personalized touch to the backdrop. When it comes to flower decoration, seasonal flowers can be obtained easily and are cost effective as well. You can also choose flowing drapes available in different colors to decorate the reception hall.

Reception dress for bride and groom

While the wedding celebrations are based on custom and tradition, you can add some modernity to your wedding reception by choosing bridal and groom dress in trendy models. For brides, you can either go with lehenga set, choli, sharara or anarkali suits whereas for grooms, they can go with western suits or sherwani. Of course, more consideration is given to bridal dress as bride would be the center of attraction with her charming and pretty look. In fact, a huge part of reception budget is spent on bridal dress. Usually, the western suits are tailored to fit the groom properly. Sometimes, the western suits are rented by groom who arranges wedding reception on budget.

Food and beverages

Of course, the wedding reception celebration will not be complete without serving food and beverages to the guests. When it comes to Kerala wedding reception, rice, sambar, rasam, cabbage poriyal, pickle, potato masala, kara kulambu, vada, pappad, chapatti, pulav and a sweet will be served to the guests. Some families also opt for different menus such as idli, dosa, chapatti, chutney, sambar, pulav rice, curd rice, paratha, kuruma and appam for reception. No matter what menus they opt for, the dishes are prepared deliciously and will definitely quench your taste buds.

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