Kerala Wedding Jewelry

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Kerala Wedding Jewelry- Overview:

Weddings in Kerala tend to be quite different in various aspects when compared with weddings of other parts of the country. One of the major variations could be seen in the form of jewelries worn by Kerala Brides. Kerala Wedding Jewelry could be made of diamond, silver, gold or precious stones. It is worth saying that jewelries play a special significance in Kerala Wedding. Kerala itself has a great desire for gold which has increased especially with the gulf influx. Today, you can find plenty of jewelry shops in Kerala that offers a huge variety of wedding jewelry sets in unique designs and patterns. According to a recent statistics, three-fourth of shops in Kerala market is a gold shop. This clearly depicts the significant role played by gold in every household in Kerala.

Significance of Gold:

Though the market is flooded with a huge amount of Diamond and precious stone jewelries, the demand for gold jewelry has been sky rocketing. Right from the birth, a girl is attached very much to gold. Gold jewelries are even passed on from one generation to another in Kerala. Likewise, the bride will be collecting a huge amount of jewelry during her wedding. During marriage, the bride will be given a huge collection of gold jewelries by her parents. Among Kerala wedding jewelry, three designs are more specific and are the vital part of wedding trousseau.

Necklaces and Long Chains:

Palaykka is a dark green necklace and is the traditional piece of wedding jewelry collection. Another piece of jewelry is Pulinagam or Tiger’s nail which also forms a great part in wedding jewelry collection. Both these items can be obtained in different shapes and colors and form the basis of jewelry for a Kerala bride. There are several other conventional long chains and necklaces such as poothali, thalikootam, elackathali, menonmani, kuzhiminni and Dhalaminni that are included in Kerala wedding jewelry collection.

Another traditional necklace is the mulai mottu malai necklace, which is nothing but the replica of jasmine buds. There is a great demand for this specific necklace among kerala brides and you can even see many celebrities wearing this kind of necklaces on their wedding day. In fact, this mulai mottu malai necklace is available in various lengths and so, you can choose the one based on your requirement. Antique jewelries have taken the Kerala wedding Jewelry collection by storm. You can also find Kerala brides wearing traditional kasu malai that flows from the neck to waist on her marriage.

Top Desired Wedding Jewelry:

Necklaces and pendants have been playing a great role in the history of Kerala Jewelry. You can find gold necklaces adorned with gemstones as an appealing factor. When compared to brides of other states, the Kerala brides wear a huge amount of jewelry in an ascending order. Even plenty of bangles are worn by the brides on the special day. Every bride adorns their leg by wearing gold anklets.

Lightweight Jewelry:

Kerala wedding is also famous for the amazing range of lightweight gold jewelry collection. It includes an extensive range of gold ornaments from tops, studs, earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, finger rings and many more. These jewelries are not only light weight but are also affordable and so, they catch the fancy of all. The affordability makes the purchasing to be frivolous and impulsive. This light weight jewelry collection is targeted at the Kerala women who enjoy the combination of tradition with the modernity. Kerala wedding jewelries are made by both machines and hand. All the pieces come with intricate designs and patterns to choose from. The list of Kerala wedding jewelry is endless.

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