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Is there a person who does not want a unique and special wedding? Having a wedding at some of the most popular tropical destinations will make it just like that. So if you still have not decided where you are going to spend the most important day in your lives, you should check out the top 5 destinations we picked for you.


More than 1000 km of golden beaches and beautiful mountainous landscape is something Jamaica has to offer to couples who are looking for an exotic destination for their wedding. Jamaica is quite a popular wedding destination and it seems it has decades of experience when it comes to hosting weddings. Almost of the popular hotels in Jamaica offers a wedding package to its guests who can have their ceremony performed on the beach or in gardens and mansions. These hotels host a big number of weddings every year so you can leave the whole organization to them. This is a perfect option for busy couples who want to spend that special day at some tropical destination.


Bermuda is another destination in Atlantic Ocean that is simply perfect for weddings. This country has British roots so do not be surprised if you come across some rustic English pubs. Bermuda is famous for its pink sand beaches, crystal clear water and dramatic cliffs. You can have your wedding in one of the cottages you can find everywhere in Bermuda. There are also resorts on the island that have wedding packages prepared for their guests. So if you are looking for a beautiful ceremony next to the sea, Bermuda is the destination to go with.


Thailand is another idyllic choice for a tropical wedding. You can have you ceremony performed at some of the famous white sand beaches surrounded by the wildlife you will see no place else. One of the unique things you can experience if you opt for Thailand is riding an elephant across the beach on the sunset once the ceremony is over. There are also many resorts in Thailand who can help you with the organization of your wedding. They can take care every single detail from preparing candles to finding someone who is going to perform the ceremony.


Madagascar is the best destination in Africa you can choose for your wedding. Madagascar is located in Indian Ocean and it is full of sandy beaches and breathtaking landscapes. A couple can enjoy swimming in turquoise water and watching whales as this country is full of national parks and forests. You can choose to have your ceremony performed in Tana, the capital of Madagascar which is the home to many former royal buildings and churches. Also, in the northern part of the island you can find waterfalls and crater lakes which might also be interesting places for your ceremony.


Fiji is a great warm and tropical place to get married at. You can have your ceremony performed surrounded by most unusual imagery and exotic archipelago. It is a great destination for Australians who do not have to travel too long to get to this real paradise on earth. You can choose some of the most beautiful places such as Warwick Coral Coast or Lomani Island and have your ceremony there. It is also a great option to have your ceremony performed on a ship. You can contact shipwrights who can help you design and build a ship that will be just perfect for your wedding. This will surely make your wedding something special.

No matter which of these 5 destinations you opt for you are surely going to have a wedding no one will ever forget. Contact the local resorts and book yourself one of the most special weddings ever.

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