Garden Wedding Party

Tips for an Unforgettable Garden Wedding Party

Holding the wedding reception in your backyard can be a dream come true as you will be able to set up everything to your liking. Be sure to consider this option only if you have a big enough backyard. However, take into consideration the many steps you will need to do beforehand to make the magic happen.

Hire Help

Try as you might; nonetheless, organizing everything on your own will not only be a pain, but it is going to be almost impossible. Without hiring a good wedding planner to back you up, you are going to have a difficult time setting up all the necessities. After all, your wedding day should go perfect and without any bumps in the road.

Groom Your Garden

If you want to enjoy a lush and green garden on your wedding day, you are going to have to start planning early, to be able to grow your flowers until then. It is going to be hard work, as you need to make sure everything is weeded out and all the flowers are in the right place. Once complete, though, your backyard decorations will leave your guests breathless.

Do Not Have Your Guests Tripping Over

Chances are that your garden is not evened out and that you are going to do a bit of work in order to level it out. To prevent guests from falling left and right, you can either start early to get the ground evened or you can use sand, topsoil or artificial grass to make it happen. In either case, be extremely precise to find even the smallest of bumps or your guests might find it for you at the party.

See If You Have All the Permits

Unfortunately, holding a party in your backyard is not as easy as just inviting your guests over. You will have to check with the local authorities and make sure to have all the permits, otherwise, you might be looking forward to a hefty fine. Keep in mind that you should also think about where all the cars are going to park, which could bother your neighbours alike, unless you inform them beforehand.

Keep Refreshments Cooled

Backyard parties are best to be held during hotter days, which will also mean that you are going to have to think about cooling down refreshments and catering. Even if you have a dedicated room in your home for that purpose only, with so many people going in and out of your house, it is going to be impossible to keep everything at a decent temperature. Instead, be sure to use a mobile cool room which is easy to move around and set-up.

Port-A-Potties Are a Must

Unless your home comes with a larger number of bathrooms, you are going to have to hire a number of port-a-potties. Luckily, you can choose from deluxe versions as well, which means that your overall backyard design will not be ruined and that your guests do not have to be squeamish when using one.

Always prepare a plan B for just in case because the weather can often be unforeseeable and you might end up with rain in the evening. Nevertheless, a backyard wedding party is going to be fun and enjoyable not only for you but for your guests as well, if you plan everything out. Bear in mind that you will have to plan and prepare a lot prior to the wedding day. However, once you walk down the aisle you will realize it was all worth it because it is your dream wedding come true.

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