Bridal Wear

Significance Of Choosing The Right Bridal Wear For Kerala Wedding

Wedding is a vital part of everyone’s life. However, it is something more special in the life of a woman as it is the day when she will be the center of attention. This is extremely true among Kerala brides who are passionate about looking the best on their wedding. They will be paying close attention to the accessories and dresses as they want everything to be completely perfect on their special day. Wedding shopping is an important task for Kerala brides as it requires coordination and careful planning so that they can get the inspiring look on their wedding day. In order to look special and stunning on her important day, Kerala brides opt for everything that lets her to stand apart from the crowd. They want to make sure that their dress is perfect, hairstyle is perfect, jewelry and accessories are perfect, makeup is perfect and the entire look is perfect. Among all these dilemmas, utmost consideration to given to wedding dress which constitute a big part of the wedding budget.

Bridal Wear

Choosing The Appropriate Bridal Wear

Being a Kerala Bride, you have an endless collection of wedding wears. You can narrow down your choices based on your preferences and the look you want to achieve. When it comes to wedding wears, the Kerala brides must make an ultimate decision based on several aspects such as the availability of bridal wears in their preferred style, traditional they follow, aptness of the dress and the comfort it offers. Whether you want to purchase a lehenga, gown or traditional silk saree, you must choose the one that you will be comfortable in. The wedding dress should be worn for the long day and so, choosing the comfortable wear is very important.

Consider The Smaller Events

Another unique feature of Indian wedding is that many smaller events accompany the marriage rituals. So, the bride may be required to wear diverse dresses at different events associated with the marriage. When she starts the day in a saree, she has to change it after minnukettu and wear the one gifted by her husband. And there will also be many post marriage ceremonies when the bride has to change her wears very often. At the end, she must also wear something unique and gorgeous for her reception. As there are several functions held in a Kerala wedding, decisions should be made carefully, especially when it comes to bridal wears.

Importance Of Sarees

Saree is regarded as the most elegant bridal wears. It has the ability of bringing out the real beauty of the woman and is a part of our tradition too. Needless to say, most of the Kerala brides prefer wearing saree on their wedding but to cater to the needs of modern age brides, a lot other options and trends have come up. While some brides have changed over to wear Lehenga on their wedding, most others have stuck to their old tradition of wearing Kasavu saree on their wedding. Kasavu saree is also popularly called as Kerala saree that speaks the uniqueness of Keralites outfit. These kasavu sarees are usually available in half white with gold zari border. When you explore kerala wedding, you will find most of the guests wearing this saree. The bride wears lots and lots of gold jewelries that match well with their half white kasavu saree. The best bridal attire, best hairstyle, best makeup, best wedding jewelry collection and best ornaments make her look special and good on her wedding. It is worth saying that choosing the right wedding outfit for the brides is a vital part of Kerala wedding.

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