Kerala Christian Wedding Video – Mariam & Thomas

The Dainty Beige | Kerala Christian Wedding of Mariam & Thomas | Weva Photography

Be it the raining elegance of beautiful beige tones that bless our eyes or the magical chemistry shared by Mariam and Thomas, this Kerala Christian wedding film is a true gem! A relaxed beginning filled with adorable family time and vanity checks gradually proceeds to that much-awaited ‘arriving to the church’ moment. Carefully curated video paces shall give you an exciting spark of their ritualistic details of the church ceremony.

Once the ‘grihapravesham’ ceremonies are completed, we come back to a roaring party spot where the newly weds are welcomed with energy-packed dance steps and heartful gestures! Maintaining a graceful beige glow all throughout the film helped us achieve a neat and sleek palette for presenting the film with a memorable visual experience. We hope you had a great time witnessing the golden highlights of Mariam and Thomas’s Kerala Christian wedding.

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