Insightful Guide On Choosing The Right Saree For Typical Keralite Bride

For everyone, wedding is the most important day on one’s life. Once bride and groom say yes to each other’s marriage proposals, the planning process for wedding gets started. There are lots of aspects that should be taken into consideration while planning for a typical Kerala wedding. Before making arrangement for wedding, the engagement ceremony will be organized when both the bride’s family and groom’s family fixes the wedding date. Even for engagement lots of features are taken into account and several arrangements are made to celebrate the occasion. Following this, the marriage will be organized three or five months later. In fact, this time gap is given to make all the arrangements in the perfect manner.

Saree For Typical Keralite Bride

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Saree For Typical Keralite Bride

Insights of Wedding Sarees

During these wedding arrangements, special consideration is given to bridal sarees. When you look at the wedding rituals of Western countries, you will see brides wearing white gown. However, this is completely reversed in case of Kerala weddings. Here, the brides are insisted to wear colorful bridal garments such as sarees on their auspicious wedding day. Their wedding dress consists of a lengthy unstitched material with colorful imprints on them. The length of the cloth will be around four to nine yards and looks more colorful than the traditional white dresses worn by Kerala brides.

Choosing the right Kerala wedding sarees

If you are a bride-to-be and want to look great on your big day, then you have to choose the right saree that not only gives you an impressive look but should also make you feel more comfortable.


While buying wedding saree for your marriage, first and foremost thing that you should determine is the material used for making it. The bridal sarees must not only look luxurious and rich must also be comfortable. In such cases, you can go with sarees made with silk, brocade and satin. Of course, the bridal saree which you choose must look stunning with embellishments such as beautiful embroidery, crystals and mirror work.

Designs and Prints

Another important factor to consider while buying a bridal saree is its design and prints. The bridal sarees come in attractive designs and prints and so, you should be very careful in making the right selection. Generally, Kerala brides prefer wearing silk sarees during their wedding ceremonies made from kanchipuram, banaras, mysore and Kashmiri silk. Of course, chiffon sarees, net sarees, georgette sarees and embroidery sarees with exclusively embellishments are worn by Kerala brides. So, you can choose the one that best suits your body type and your own preferences.

Sarees in pure Gold

Have you ever heard that sarees can be woven in gold? Yes, some regions in South India are specialized in making sarees out of gold. This kind of sarees will be very expensive but they look gorgeous and transform the entire look of the bride. Usually, the pallu and borders of the saree are made out of gold which add credit and value to the wedding sarees. Even if you don’t have enough budget to buy sarees made with gold, then you can opt for inexpensive items that can be purchased at any wedding boutique in Kerala. The bride certainly deserves the look on her wedding day.

Bridal sarees are regarded as an ideal way of pampering the bride on her D-day. The Keralite families have the custom of celebrating wedding in a grand manner. Usually, this celebrate extends even more than a week. The guests come to the bride’s and groom’s house to take part in the celebration. On all these days, the bride needs to be dressed elegantly and so, the need for purchasing numerous sarees arises.

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