Explore the Latest Kerala Wedding Bride Dress Styles

Kerala, which is otherwise called as God’s own country is a coastal state that is popularly known for its trademark ‘Kerala saree. Kerala saree as this iconic piece of fabric is called as today is pretty simple in its look with cream colored or off-white shade on the entire body accompanies by a thick or thin gold border that is locally called as the kasavu. Kerala sarees are typically worn for most important occasions like for religious ceremonies, especially during Onam festivities and also by the hindu brides for wedding celebrations. Whenever it comes to Kerala wedding bride dress, it is the Kerala saree that perhaps flashes across the mind of everyone. The traditional technique of wearing this set-saree was quite simple and displays the rich gold border wonderfully on the thigh while worn. The other reason why set-saree is pretty popular is due to the reason that they can be combined with blouses of various hues to produce a new look every time.

Latest Kerala Wedding Bride Dress Styles

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Latest Kerala Wedding Bride Dress Styles

On the other hand, brides from hindu religion prefers Kerala sarees that form a mix of cotton silk and also have intricate woven design like flowers, birds and other motifs on the body and the pallu. The thickness of gold border or kasavu depends on the preference of wearer though a thick gold border is usually considered legal. Most of the hindu brides choose to wear a silk gold colored blouse along with Kerala saree on their special occasion though blouses of other bright or light shades would also be preferred. Lachas and lehengas are also prevalent among Kerala brides and becoming common in Kerala weddings. Wedding gowns are also the most suitable and beautiful attire for Christian brides in Kerala. Girls adorned with white gown look excellently graceful.
Wedding dress for Kerala Christian is known for high quality and sleek design that will absolutely fulfill your requirements. The other cool thing is that the dresses are available at affordable price range, which indicates that you don’t have to spend more money on it. Hence, this awesome and cheap product should be a preferable gift for your friend. Bridal saree is the traditional bridal attire in Kerala. Banaras sarees and kancheepuram sarees are highly popular. Kancheepuram sarees are world popular. An expansive range of the latest lehengas and lachas are also the popular options wedding bridal dress options. They are crafted with exquisite designs keeping latest trends in mind and the outfit promises the trendiest attire for that special occasion.
There is a comprehensive range of unstitched and ready made collection to pick from. Discover the dazzling world of lehengas and lachas online on exclusive price ranges. The wedding gown is known to be the most ornate and beautiful attire of Christian bride. Taking this into account, there are many stores that offer an enchanting collection of wedding gowns in various materials, in different shades of white and textures. Crafted finely to perfection, you are definitely to grab the attention of one and all when you make your appearance among in the crowd.

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