dress kids for a wedding

How to dress kids for a wedding

Taking children to a wedding can be stressful, especially if they are too young and require an undivided attention of a parent. Nevertheless, you must bring your child with you and it is the best opportunity for you to show everyone how well-dressed your little one can be. From dresses, to shoes, suits and gorgeous accessories, your little angel can be a real little fashionista everyone will adore.

Babies and Toddlers

A sweater vest, a collared shirt and a pair of black pants is the perfect combination for a boy, if a wedding is not very formal. Kids at this age prefer everything that is highly comfortable, and that does not constrain them in any way, so a bow tie will probably not stay on a boy for a long time. He will either loose it up, or manage to completely remove it. A suit, however, you have to persuade him to dress if the event requires a black tie.

Girls will look absolutely adorable in a fluffy white, pink or peach dress. Incorporate a pair of tights if the weather is cold, a pair of white shoes, add a ribbon to her hair and she is all set. If a child is still not walking, a pair of slippers or least-scuffed soft shoes is a great choice, considering you will be holding her or she will be in a stroller.


Children at the age of six through twelve are already old enough to wear a more formal wardrobe to a wedding. Boys will look perfect in a collared shirt, dark pants, and a tie. The boy is old enough to wear a clip-on, and even the real tie, so feel free to choose one for him. A suit jacket would be the perfect finishing touch, alongside dark pair of shoes.

At this age, girls can still pull of a fluffy lace girls dress, so if she really wants to wear it, she should. The colour should be delicate, and feminine, so pick between white, pale pink, and light blue. Add a coloured sash, and a cardigan in case the weather is chilly. A combination of a skirt and blouse is the great alternative to a fluffy dress. Furthermore, a sundress and a cardigan will look charming, alongside a headband and a pair of sandals.


Teen years require a certain amount of seriousness in formal occasions. Therefore, a boy has to wear a suit, a tie and dress shoes. If a wedding is performed at the beach, then the outfit can be slightly less formal. A black tie wedding, on the other hand, requires a boy wear a tuxedo.

Girls are much easier to convince into dressing nice for a wedding, when they reach teenagers years. It is all about looking pretty, putting make-up on and dressing gorgeous. A cocktail dress or even a sundress is the perfect choice for a teenage girl. Furthermore, a pair of pumps or elegant sandals will go perfectly with a cocktail dress, while a sundress can be complemented with wedges as well. They are much more comfortable and more appropriate for beach and outdoor wedding. Add a clutch in the colour of the shoes, some statement jewellery and she is all set for the happy event.

When choosing the perfect outfit for your child, keep in mind that comfort is the most important thing for toddlers. If it is necessary, you can buy the outfit a size bigger, especially if the wedding is for a couple of months. Toddlers grow fast so they will feel much better if the dress or a suit is little bit loose. Never sacrifice your child’s comfort for style.


Article by : Diana, mom of two beautiful girls and a great beauty and fashion lover.

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