Bridal Mask 2021

Bridal Mask Trends in 2021

With the widespread of the dangerous pandemic of COVID 19, the wedding industry was predicted to collapse. But, love finds its way through all hard times. Millennial couples fashioned the concept of intimate and safe weddings even in the midst of all this chaos. The bridal fashion no doubt received a great makeover to ensure the protection of the newlywed couples. Most noteworthy among these new trends is the addition of bridal face masks in bridal couture.

Masks are necessarily important to reduce the spread of the virus. They must be worn in a gathering like Indian weddings, not only by the guests but also by the hosts. Luckily, the brides haven’t failed to add their own personal touch and innovate them likewise! The plain mask has been upgraded to different varieties ranging from printed, heavily embellished, laced, beaded, and what not.

You can pick from a variety of options! It can match your style or the colour of your saree or lehenga. It can match the colour or style of your partner’s costume. All in all, it must be comfortable and all the while safe to use!


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Gota Patti Silk Face Mask

This gota patti infused silk mask is definitely the best pick if you are going for comfort. It is a perfect pick for Indian weddings which go on for longer durations. Plus it is a perfect match with the bride’s Banaras saree that is heavily gorgeous. With this look, definitely go for a dark khol filled eye makeup so they are given depth and you look absolutely stunning!

Beaded Bridal Face Mask With Pastel Colours

With glamorous yet elite face masks like these, we are sure you will catch the most needed attention required on your wedding day. It will radiate beauty as beads are highlighted in pastel colors. You can go for the same colour mask as that of the saree. For the beads, you can opt for contrasting colour and an easy design. That will create a striking balance!

Mask with Colorful Floral Embroidery

You can never miss a beautifully embroidered attire, whether it’s a lehenga or a mask. You can match your embroidered mask with either or saree pr blouse. The pastel flowers pop out effortlessly off a dark blue or red bridal face mask.

Stone Embedded Bridal Face Mask With Inscribed Text

How about a personalized text that stands out bold than other normal patterns or designs? You can always opt for a stone-studded text on your bridal face mask. What to write on the mask? You can keep it basic like BRIDE or write the name of your partner, customize it likewise with one bold color as the background. The jewellery might complement the stones used on your mask, along with a tint of glitter in your eyes.

Velvet Bridal Face Mask With Lace Details On Edges

It is not always necessary that you have to have your mask as the same hue as your costume. You can go for a darker or lighter shade, or also of contrasting colors- like a yellow mask with a pink saree! You can opt for rich velvet fabrics to draw more attention to the look according to personality and style. You can also add laces on both sides to get an enhanced yet sophisticated look overall.

Color Coordinated Face Mask For Marriage

You can also put minimal effort still look awesome. How? Just wear coordinated colour masks for your marriage- that is if you are wearing a red saree and your husband wears a white costume, the masks should be coloured opposite. A subtle mask like this with just the colour combo can make wonders on your wedding day! You can also use elasticised ear straps that will surely ensure the best fit and also be comfortable. No excessive flashy yet the most ravishing style, that is what this style provides!

Intricately Embroidered Solid Colour Face Mask

For patterns as well, don’t go just for what is trendy. Rather try to keep a balance for the heavy patterns and embroidery. For example, if both the blouse and saree are heavily embroidered, a heavily embroidered mask might give an over-a-top look. In this case, a more chic look for the mask will be a better choice. A solid red or any colour that complements your saree shall look glamorous in this case. Your partner would love to stare at you!

Bridal Face Mask With Elaborate Florals

Florals are never out of fashion when it comes to becoming the gorgeous pandemic bride! Floral coordinated masks are also very easy to make at home, with the help of leftover cloth from your lehenga or saree. You can always DIY some at home so they will be both easy and simple yet worth something to stare at!

Digitally Printed Personalized Face Masks for Wedding

Well, the mask covers the face, undoubtedly, and perhaps the most attractive feature of your ace, which is your smile. In that case, you can order some digitally printed masks that have your faces printed. A beautiful smile on the mask and that is all you need. It is quirky and fun and a new trend!

Golden Print Pastel Wedding Mask for Brides With Dangling Stones

Are you the bride that loves stones and sparkles? How about a mask that has stones dangling at its ends? The perfect combination of embroidery and embellishments is something to play with this bridal mask. It gives a modern look, which is also perfect for the wedding and definitely a heart-turner!

Monogram Engraved Personalized Face Mask

If you hired a graphic designer or spend days having a monogram or logo at your wedding, why not inscribe them onto your masks? The couple can have a logo for their wedding or the initials of their name in a way that is enchanting! It appears special and rich and brings out the essence and importance of the day.

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