Actress Saranya Anand & Manesh Rajan Pre Wedding Photos


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Actress Saranya Anand & Manesh Rajan Pre Wedding Photos

Saranya Anand is an actress who shines on both the mini screen and the silver screen. Saranya Anand character in Akash Ganga 2 became a notable presence in Malayalam cinema. Saranya Anand is now a shining star on the mini screen. After Akash Ganga 2, Saranya had a notable role in the film Mamangam. Saranya, who is also very active on social media, is now open about the new steps in her life.

Saranya has now shared the details of the wedding with her fans. She has been sharing her engagement news on her Instagram. The actress has shared pre-wedding photos on Instagram. As she is very active on social media, fans have also taken to Saranya’s new news. Saranya shared by sharing pictures that she finally said yes.

Manesh Rajan Nair is the groom of the actress. Saranya says he was heartbroken and his name will be with him again. Saranya wrote on social media that she has chosen someone for her future life and that everyone’s prayers should be with her.

Pre wedding photos captured by Wedding Bells Photography

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