Significance of Gold Jewelleries and Accessories for Kerala Brides

Wedding is one of the most important and awaited occasions in girl’s life. Every girl is dreaming of and looking forward for the same in the life. It is really the happiest moment to cherish throughout the life. Wedding is certainly a special occasion not only for the bride and groom but for everyone who attends the function. However, bride becomes the center stage attraction on this day and so, it is important to opt for the best bridal dress, jewelry and make up to steal the show. When it comes to Kerala wedding, the marriage celebration differs from one religion to other and from one community to other. But the one thing that remains common is adorning bride with lots and lots of gold jewellery.

Gold Pendent for Hair

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Importance of Gold Jewellery

Bridal gold jewelry remains to be an important part of Kerala wedding. Whether it is a middle class family or a wealthy family, they spend significant amount on purchasing bridal jewelry collection. Those families that could not afford immense amount on buying gold jewelry will purchase at least a few items such as necklace set, earring, bangles, finger rings, etc. as per their budget. We can see that the Kerala weddings are really glittering and you will also find women of all ages heavily embellished with gold jewelry. Everyone wants to look their best with the best make up, costume, jewelry and outfits to stand out among the crowd. Kerala bridal jewelry is really a critical part as these jewelries play a vital role in enhancing the appearance and beauty of the bride on these wonderful locations.

Kerala Bridal Jewellery Collections Include Several Items From Head To Toe.

Gold Pendent for Hair

One of the most important jewelry items that adorn the head region of Kerala bride is a gold pendent studded with stones. This is attached to the part line in the head of the bride. Those who have big budget can go for gold clips in different shapes and models. However, you should not overdo for head as you may look like a showroom model.

Nose Ring

Then you have to opt for nose ring which is mandatory for the Kerala brides. When you explore the gold showroom, you will find nose rings which are categorized according to tradition, culture, religion and community. Having a look at all these types of nose rings, you can easily pick up the one that suits your desire and costume. You should be very choosy while buying the nose ring as the wrong selection makes you look awkward.


This is another most important jewelry item for Kerala brides. Earrings are known to provide a special look to the brides and so, you must be very careful while buying gold earrings. There are several types of earrings available and you can choose the one based on your requirement. However, most of the brides go with designer jhumkis which can render a princess like look to these brides. You can also opt for Gold Mattal or chain which is usually hung from jhumki on each side and put on the side hair. This enhances your look further and makes you appear gorgeous.


The most important gold item for Indian bride is the necklace set. You can choose the one based on your costume, budget and preferences. You can either opt for a single necklace or a necklace set that has a long one and a short one. Buying necklace sets consumes a lot of budget and so, you must determine the amount that you can afford to get one. Without a necklace set, your bridal look does not get completed.

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