Astonishing Jewellery on Budget

How to Rock Your D-day with Astonishing Jewellery on Budget

You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy jewelry, and they are the same thing!

Oops! You must have the line many times, but that does not make it less true. Right Gals? Many men say that it is impossible to understand what a woman wants. So, for all those confused men out there, here is the answer- Every woman on the face of the earth, under the sun, want no intervention between the immense love they do with their jewelry. The husbands or boyfriends come second on the list, or probably third, after jewelry and make-up. Oh, and I forgot clothes.

Anyhoo…Jokes apart. The wedding is the most important day for every girl. It is the one day for which she starts planning from the very young age. In India, it is more than a bond between two people, it is a union of two families, two cultures, and two ideologies. Every girl wants a fairy-tale wedding, with splendor decor, the groom like a knight in the shining armor and herself as a princess, long braided hair with flowers, dress with the embellishments that glow like stars and… Enough fantasy! Let’s face the reality. Not every bride can afford the fairy-tale wedding, but that does not mean that it would be less splendid. When you spend wisely and you choose the things that are the best for you and gives you happiness, then there is no bride who can be happier than you on her big day.

And one thing is for sure, jewelry is the one thing that makes every bride happy, you need not be loaded with jewelry from head to toe, you have to wear the one in which you are comfortable and which compliments your beautiful killing smile. When you start shopping for your wedding, you should firstly decide a budget for each and everything and then set out for shopping, thus you will never overspend on anything, such that it leads to compromising on something else. When you are unable to decide or choose the best between the two options, do not make a decision in haste, sleep on the idea and buy it the next day. Thus, you will never regret the decision.

Let us tell you the foolproof ways, through which you can save while buying jewelry. Well, some people also suggest that you buy jewelry ahead of the dress, but Hello….What about matching? We brides want our day to be perfect and we cannot allow a mismatch jewelry to be a nightmare that haunts us for the rest of our lives. So, let’s begin the first step towards buying an incredibly beautiful wedding jewelry…

#Incredible Jewelry One: Fusion of western and Traditional

Weddings are important, but just think rationally, you do not want to buy something with which you will get stuck for forever. You do not want to buy heavy jewelry that you cannot carry well for any other occasion. The wedding jewelry need not be a heavy one, you can wear two necklaces to adorn that lehenga of yours. You must go for a complete jewelry set, necklace, earring, rings, bracelet, and tikka. When you are dressed with a matching jewelry, it adds infinite moons to your charm. Versatile jewelry never goes outta fashion too.

#Incredible Jewelry Two: Buy interchangeable Jewelry

You must have seen on TV shows, actresses are wearing the neck piece as a tikka nowadays. Some ear studs can be used as nosepiece or as a pendant and some neck piece doubles up as bracelet or tikka. They are not only timeless but also, give you the power to look differently every time you wear them. These jewelry are lightweight and instantly glam up your look from a traditional beauty to a modern babe. They are simple, trendy, classy, sassy and everything that you would want in your wedding trousseau.

#Incredible Jewelry Three: Loose those karats

Whether you are planning for buying a gold jewelry or platinum or diamond, it is not necessary that you spend lavishly on the karats. If 22 karat gold is too much for you, you can go for 18 karats. Make sure that the place from where you are purchasing the jewelry, offers the buyback policy. This will help you to revamp your wedding jewelry whenever you can afford to spend for 22 karats. These 18K jewelry are more robust as compared to the original ones. Anyhow, gold is the second best friend of a woman after diamonds, so if you hate this idea, we would understand. We just think that brides should never let the wallet be an obstacle in wearing the greatest and brightest jewelry.

#Incredible Jewelry Four: Add a sentiment

Every girl learns a lot from her mother and when she is ready to start her new life, she is gifted with some traditional jewelry that belongs to her mother. One good idea to add a sentiment to your wedding and to remain on the budget is revamping your mother’s jewelry. If your mother allows that, you can make some modifications in her old jewelry to give it a modern touch. You can keep the chain and change the pendant of a neckpiece or you can add colors to it by the use of studded stones. It completely depends on you. Some brides also prefer melting the old jewelry and making a new one out of it. It is a proud moment for every mother that her little girl has grown so much that she is going to start her own family. When you don her jewelry, she becomes all sentimental. Now that jewelry compasses the memories of two enchanting ladies- your mother and you.

Some more Incredible jewelry ideas:

Expect the above four kinds of jewelry, here are some additional tips to buy wedding jewelry on a budget.

1. If your wedding was pre-pre planned and not a sudden pleasant surprise, you should buy jewelry in the offseason, the times when there are no ‘MUHURTH’ for the weddings. As such, you can get jewelry at best prices. These times are slow for the jewelers and prices are quite flexible.

2. You may also buy jewelry that is not very popular but makes a great statement piece. The popular jewelry is expensive and well, every other bride would have that. If you want to look different and you have the courage to pull off something unique, go for the non-traditional form of jewelry.

3. Diamonds are not the only beautiful stone for jewelry. There are many colorful stones available that are much less expensive and looks equally flaunting. It is your wedding day and it would not hurt if you decide to add some beautiful colors to it.

4. Shop online because there you can buy from the biggest catalog and get the jewelry at discounts too. If you do not like the jewelry, you can always return them easily. You can also for rajsi jewelry if you like to add some silver shine to your wedding.

5. While shopping offline in stores, you should always pay in cash, do not use cards. When you pay in cash, you can be in the budget, but while paying in plastic money, you are bound to spend some extra. Remember, spending a little more on one thing means cutting out on another one.

6. You can also go for borrowed jewelry if you do not want to spend on heavy jewelry which you are going to wear for just one day. There is no shame in that. This has two benefits- you get to wear the Indian jewellery online of your dreams and at the same time, the money saved can buy some statement pieces and elegant ones which can be worn on any occasion.

Well, here is the greatest and the most important thing to be kept in mind while buying the wedding jewelry. You should insure the jewelry as soon as possible. The wedding jewelry costs a fortune, and you do not want to risk the money. Having insurance would give you the confidence to wear the jewelry without worrying much about them. Some jewelers also provide insurance on the jewelry. This may cost a bit extra, but the money’s really worth spent.

Let us wrap up the discussion with a simple thought- You are going to be wedded, it is your day. You do not need the spark of the jewelry to look gorgeous. You are already beautiful if you wear your smile. Your wedding day is not some jewelry exhibition or international jewelry day on which you have to wear the best jewelry of the world, it is the day when you have to wear what compliments you and what makes you a breathtaking bride.

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The author of this post is a passionate writer. He likes to be updated with the latest trends in the jewelry industry. He is fascinated by the Indian tradition and Indian jewelry. He likes learning and writing about the same. Indian weddings are the most inspirational part of Indian culture for her. Antique rajsi silver jewellery is her new profound love.

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