Phani + Ratna Love Scene in Malaysia

Phani + Ratna Love Scene in Malaysia
Phani + Ratna they are cousins by relation,lovers by souls,they made many impressive decisions together : Falling in love, to get married, to definitely get a post wedding shoot in a exotic location. With a lot of interest in photography Phani approached us to document their chemistry during post wedding shoot. Together we decided to choose a place which offers “Amazing and breathtaking cityscapes, lush green islands, picturesque beaches, bright coloured streets , blend of different customs etc ” and Malaysia supplies rich nourishment of all these senses. Over 4 days our malaysia trip offered myriad of delights “coastal and riverine bliss, dense, verdant jungle,cosmopolitan cities, mouthwatering street food” and utmost is the chance to witness and freeze the drama , vibes and fantastic chemistry between Phani and Ratna. We truly loved it all. This exotic post-wedding shoot in Malaysia was completely serendipitous.

As you watch the video three things will be evident :

1. Their love and chemistry

2. Uniqueness of Malaysia

3. Post Wedding shoot should be a must-do.

Take a look for yourself and feel their love

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