Marriage Registrations Important Notice

Marriage Registrations – General Information

1. Under the Kerala Registration of Marriages (common) Rules 2008, registration of marriages became mandatory, for the marriages which was solemnized since 29.02.2008. Accordingly all the Grama Panchayats, Municipalities, Corporations and Kannur Cantonment are designated as registration units and are carrying out registration as per the said rules

2. Marriages are to be registered in the respective Grama Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation where the marriage is solemnised. For this purpose, the parties to a marriage shall prepare a memorandum in duplicate in FORM I and submit the same to the concerned local body with the prescribed fee of ten rupees for BPL, SC/ST and one hundred for others. The memorandum should be signed by both parties to the marriage along with two persons as witnesses. The form should be accompanied by copy of the certificate to prove age, marriage solemnisation etc.

3. If the application is submitted after 45 days of solemnisation and within one year of marriage, a certificate in Form II with a fine of rupees one hundred should also be remitted. If submitted after one year, the application should be accompanied by a fine of rupees two hundred and fifty. In cases of delayed applications submitted after one year of solemnisation, the registration will be done only after getting condonation from Registrar General (Deputy Director of Panchayat) of the concerned District.

4. The following Documents are to be submitted along with Form 1:-

  1. Attested copy of the certificate to prove age of husband
  2. Attested copy of the certificate to prove age of wife
  3. Copy of the certificate from auditorium or marriage place / religious authority concerned or a declaration in form II from a MP/MLA/Gazetted officer/ Member of Local Self Government Institution, regarding solemnization of marriages.
  4. Marriage invitation letter (optional)
  5. Form 2 certified by a Gazetted officer or elected representatives or any other proof of solemnisation of marriage to the satisfaction of Local Registrar/Registrar General in case of delayed applications
  6. For age proof documents such as SSLC book, driving license, Passport, School admission register, or other records issued by Government will be accepted.

5. The husband and wife should appear personally before the Registrar and sign in the marriage Register. A fee of Rupees 10 is to be paid for getting marriage certificate

6. The present process of marriage registration is time consuming, as the registration officials have to enter all the required details in form 1 electronically. (Form III register manually where no electronic registration is done )

7. To ease out the time consuming process, Information Kerala Mission had developed a module in the Civil Registration (Common Marriage) application software for e- furnishing application of marriage registration form (Form I) under common marriage rules.

8. By utilising this facility, an electronic copy of Form 1 can be submitted through web alongwith uploaded scanned photos for registration of marriages under the Kerala Registration of Marriages (common) Rules 2008.

9. This can be done only in the Local bodies where the following facilities are available :-

  • Registration under Common Marriage rules are carried out using Sevana Civil Registration (Common Marriage) application software.
  • Local bodies established KSWAN or BSNL-VPN connectivity.
  • Birth, Death and Marriage data is maintained, uploaded and updated regularly to the State Data Centre.
  • The local bodies who have updated the Masters.

How to E-filing Marriage in Kerala

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