Kerala Hindu Wedding Highlights – Dr.Swetha & Dr.Reny

An Ethereal Elegance | Wedding Highlights of Dr.Swetha & Dr.Reny | True Life Stories From Weva

Weva Photography

Are you excited to dive into our sweet couple Dr.Swetha and Dr.Reny’s fairytale wedding? We are ready to surprise you with an absolutely dreamy and divine wedding film. Finessing our signature storytelling style, we unwrap this special film with a heart-touching note from the bride’s grandmother. As the video advances into further depths, we hear the life stories of our power couple from the bride and the whole family! Post-wedding ceremonies took a spark at jolly rituals framed in fresh footages from celebrations and rituals. As we proceed towards the temple wedding, the mood and tones of the video take a leap to authentic Kerala temple wedding style. We experience a taste of tradition from the song selection to the speed of the reels. Followed by which we step into a classic Christian church wedding ceremony. Post-wedding ceremonies of Dr.Swetha and Dr.Reny embraces our heart with tears of happiness. This wedding video has a unique bunch of emotional moments where we find ourselves connecting emotionally at all levels with our heartwarming couple and their family. We felt incredibly excited to capture every single milestone our couple achieved during their beautiful journey with us.

Couple : Dr.Swetha & Dr.Reny’s
Composition : Team Weva
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