glamorous wedding on a budget

Organize your glamorous wedding on a budget

Organizing your dream wedding that screams luxury and glamour in a cost-friendly manner is definitely not something impossible. On the contrary, there is no limit to what you can achieve for your big day if you put your heart into it and your organizational and planning skills to work.

Tone down the decor

Simplicity has always looked elegant and you can use this fact to cut down the price for your wedding decorations. Going for a monochromatic theme will look extremely effective even if you do not have a lot of complicated details going on. Basically, one carefully chosen color such as gold or silver can look great in table cloths and ribbons while white or red flowers that can be even sprayed with silver or gold glitter can be all the other decoration you will need. This will not cost much but when arranged well the stylish look will appear more costly and luxurious than it really is.

Black and white photography

In order to save money on memorable photographs of this important day, ask your friend who is at least a little bit knowledgeable about photography to take pictures for you. Later on, he/she can adjust photos with a computer software, add frames or interesting details and make the pictures black and white which will make everyone amazed and delighted since even an amateur can make the photos look high-quality and elegant with the help of today’s technology.

Make drama with candles

If you want to make your wedding special and unique in an inexpensive way, adding candles to the décor can just do the trick. For example, fade down the lights in order to make the candle light more prominent which will add to the romantic and luxurious atmosphere. Moreover, you can make your entrance twice as exciting by lining candles along the hallway. The same can be done when the cake arrives.

Serve a timeless menu

You really do not need to serve five-course meals in order to achieve the luxurious appeal of the wedding. Basically, any food can be made into something stylish and tasty if it is arranged right. Therefore going with foods that suit most people’s tastes is a smart move. Also, opt for champagne when you choose drinks. All kinds of champagne bottles look elegant and champagne is a drink the most people associate with glamour and style. You can definitely find some good deals as well for good quality champagne if you ask around the liquor stores.

Add elegance through fashion

Starting with your dress, find one that perfectly follows your body figure but it is not too gaudy. As mentioned before, elegance and luxury are best acquired through simplicity. This is your trump card since you will most definitely be able to find a wedding gown off the rack that can look gorgeous in its straight fall and minimal lacey details. Moreover, going for the bridesmaid dresses that match the main color of the wedding can add that extra chic and stylish feel. The biggest impact can make the children though. Therefore, ask your family or friends to have their children make this day even more spectacular by dressing the little flower boys and girls in pretty dresses and nice boys communion suits that they can even make or adjust themselves.

When planning your luxurious dream wedding, make sure to include everyone who can help you with their own visions and skills that would make a great contribution to staying true to your budget. Most importantly, have fun and ditch the stress while you brainstorm ideas and tick the things on your to do list.


Article by : Diana, mom of two beautiful girls and a great beauty and fashion lover.

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