Five Factors To Consider While Choosing The Kerala Wedding Saree

The trend in Indian bridal sarees has changed lot over time, especially with the changing trend. Earlier, especially a few decades ago, women did not have so many options to choose their wedding sari. They have just worn red sarees adorned with Gota designs and variants. However, today, brides have lots and lots of alternatives and choices available for brides in different fabric, colors and embroidery work. As everyone knows, wedding ceremony is the most important occasion in everyone’s life. So, they want to look gorgeous and attractive on this auspicious day. This is the major reason for them to take a lot of time to pick up their wedding outfit. Though there are several wedding outfits available for Kerala brides, most of them go with sarees as they are known to speak their unique culture and tradition.

Kerala Wedding Saree Trends

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Kerala Wedding Saree Trends

We have come up with a complete guide in choosing the right bridal saree for you. All you need is to give consideration to five aspects such as prices, saree style, color, drape style and sari border.

Of course, this is one of the most important features that will be given maximum consideration by the families of bride and groom as well. They will fix the budget well in advance and look for the wedding saree in that range. The prices of sarees vary considerably based on various factors such as fabric, brand and embellishment. If you are serious about getting sarees designed by a leading fashion designer you should be ready to spare excess money. However, you will get the outfit that is really worth its price.

This is another important deciding factor, when it comes to buying a wedding outfit. When you explore the market, you will find bridal sarees available in different colours. So, you can easily choose the one that suits the complexion of your skin. If you have fair complexions, you can choose outfits in colors such as golden, pink, pastel, beiges, etc. brides with darker skin tone can choose outfits in attractive colors such as maroon, orange, red and blue to look gorgeous.

Sari type
Wedding sarees for Kerala brides are available in different styles and they include lehenga sarees, semi stitched sarees and many more. One of the major advantages of buying a semi stitched sari is that it is easy to wear. All you need is to wrap around your waist and tuck it properly. The lehenga sari is more comfortable and looks grand, which helps you to garner the attention of the guests. They are available in different styles and can be worn in different forms to acquire the elegant look.

Drape style
Sarees are known to provide maximum flexibility, especially in the way of draping it. The sarees can be draped in different styles to alter your look. However, you should decide and determine the preferred drape style before choosing the saree. Fabric is also important factor to consider as it influences your saree draping style. If you want to try out a different draping style, it is really worth to talk to the specialist who suggests you the right kind of fabric for your chosen draping style.

If you are looking for a saree to be worn along with a veil, you should focus on the embroidery and color on the border. Of course, the tradition of wearing veil is not followed in every Kerala wedding. This practice is all about the tradition and culture followed by bride and groom families. You can choose the saree with heavily worked borders as it makes your outfit look grand and elegant.

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