How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Outfit

Perfect Wedding Outfit

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Perfect Wedding Outfit

Choosing a nice wedding getup is a piece of cake for some people while others struggle with the best combinations, especially if they’re not used to a more formal style. Without exception, you should always pick garments that you feel comfortable in, which will make you feel happy and look natural in the photos. This however doesn’t mean that it’s okay to show up in jeans and sneakers, unless that’s what the bride and groom want specifically. Then again, most weddings, no matter how unusual the theme is, still require a more elegant outfit.

Choose a flattering colour
Unless there’s a specific colour scheme for the wedding, you should always choose colours that look very flattering for your skin tone and hair colour. In this respect, you’re free to choose whatever colours, prints and patterns you like and you’re used to wearing, but refrain from white and ivory colours because it’s a bad taste to show up in the same colour dress that the bride is wearing. If you’re absolutely clueless as to what colour to choose, green, royal blue and ruby are the luxe colours that go well with most skin tones.

Go with top-quality materials
Regardless of whether you decide to wear a dress, a skirt or a combination of an elegant blouse and pants, you should pay attention to the material. High quality material will prevent excessive perspiration and will feel pleasant on the skin, making you feel relaxed during the ceremony and reception. Another thing to consider when choosing an outfit based on fabrics is whether the fabric is wrinkle-free. This is especially important when you have to travel to a wedding destination, but even if a wedding venue is close by, you don’t want to look messy after a while, and wrinkled clothes can create such an impression.

The perfect dress
You don’t have to necessarily wear a dress to a wedding but this type of garment is considered to be most appropriate for such occasions. Therefore, always choose a cut that is flattering to your body type. Formal dresses that show a lot of skin might not be very appropriate for church weddings but if you’re going to attend a beach wedding, you’d want something loose, light and comfortable. So, it would be best to choose your perfect dress according to the time of the year as well as the setting. The dress itself doesn’t have to be simple. It can be embellished and colourful if that’s something that you find nice but if it is a bit gaudier, make sure to keep the jewelry simple.

Comfortable shoes
Apart from jewelry, shoes can complete your outfit and become an accessory on their own. Of course, you’d want your shoes to be pretty and elegant but the most important thing is to choose a pair that feels comfortable. Since you’re going to a wedding you definitely won’t spend every minute sitting at the table. Walking around and chatting with people as well as dancing are unavoidable and fun part of weddings and you’d better wear shoes that won’t hurt your feet. It really doesn’t matter whether you’ll opt for heels or flats as long as you know that they won’t cause any discomfort. Still, if you’re going to a beach or outdoor wedding, you might want to reconsider wearing thin and high heels because they can sink into the sand and ground.

The most important thing when choosing an outfit for a wedding is not to go with something that you never wear or something that completely differs from your own personal style. Even if you’re a more casual type of person, there are garments that are both elegant and comfortable so that you won’t feel awkward or have your movements restrained.


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