Perfect Wedding Outfit

How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Outfit

Choosing a nice wedding getup is a piece of cake for some people while others struggle with the best combinations, especially if they’re not used to a more formal style. Without exception, you should always pick garments that you feel comfortable in, which will make you feel happy and look …

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Kerala Wedding Saree Trends

Kerala Wedding Saree Trends 2016

The place of serenity, Kerala, is one of the beautiful states of India where cultural heritage is quite rich and vibrant. Be it a Hindu, Christian or a Muslim wedding, the Kerala wedding sarees are a piece of style and grace. For all the to-be-brides out there, decking up in …

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velvet outfits

The versatile velvet in your outfit

The elegance and luxury ingrained in velvet fabric makes it special. The contemporary designers are experimenting with innate opulence of this textile that has been admired by the royals since ages. As such, you can find huge range of dresses in velvet. They range from traditional velvet jackets to velvet …

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