Traditional Outfits of Kerala

Bridal attires and the Popular Traditional Outfits of Kerala

The attires of most of the Indian states, especially in the southern side is greatly impacted by the traditions and cultures followed in Kerala. When it comes to the color of the outfit, they are normally white or white based and are simple yet appealing in appearance. For few special events such as marriage function, the colors of the attires are generally chosen various red shades. Furthermore, the hot climatic conditions also hold an influence on the variety of dresses being worn by the local keralites. As in any other states of India, people in Kerala are also the mix of religions like Christians, Muslims and Hindus. It should be notable that religious faith greatly influences the dress color and code. Appropriate dressing is one of the essential elements in any culture since it is most significant for both male and female to be don attractively, especially during the grand events like wedding.

Women’s traditional outfit in Kerala

The traditional outfit for women in Kerala carries huge significance and also regard in the community. The traditional outfits are pretty old and are followed by people of many generations and thus, have emerged out to be the integral feature of the people’s life.

  • Women in Kerala wear conventional costume known as Mundum Neriyathum. Mundu is the garment worn at the lower part of the body, whereas neriyathi is worn over the upper part of the body, either over a blouse or a jacket. The lower part of the outfit is comprised of double pieces of cloths. The so called Mundu is worn under the naval and it is usually made of cotton. This cloth always has white color border. The borders are indicated as kara and it is normally embellished with different designs or would also be golden shaded. It can also be copper coated at certain times. At the upper side of the body, women wear blouse, thus covering the naval. Over the blouse, neriyathu will be worn. The one end of the neriyathu will be inserted inside mundu, whereas the other end is worn across the torso.
  • The other traditional as well as the popular outfit of the people of Kerala is Sari. Over the course of time, the sari has turned out to be the important part of costume in Kerala. It can be said that mundum neriyathum has now been replaced by sari in the recent times to a greater extent. This particular costume is available in different colors and designs. One can also find complex design work done on the saris in Kerala. The colors are usually white or mixed with while, however other shades are popular as well.
  • Salwar kameez is as well the most popular attire for women. With the ever changing time, the conventional outfit of Kerala has experienced a great transition in its use. Now, it is especially during the festive time that the women and girls of Kerala wear mundum neriyathu. For the remaining part of the year, they mainly wear sari or other favorite dresses.

Bridal costumes

The bridal costumes plan a significant role in the state of Kerala. They differ in style, texture and color. It is also influenced by various religions that people follow. In Hindu marriage, you may have seen the bride don in a sari or a mundu. The bridal costumes are most wonderfully designed and also indicate a finest embroidery patterns done with care and precision. The sari that is worn by Brides of Christian religion are white in color as well. The bride used to have to veil on her head that also features white color. The white color symbolizes the brides’ purity.

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