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A Different Indian Wedding | Baiju | Deepa | Framehunt Official

Wedding is like a dream for everyone, we also have that dream. but unfortunately, that didn’t happen, Because our’s is a love marriage. It was a register marriage. Then we gone USA children were born there, One girl and a boy. they don’t know Tamil culture, Tamil wedding, They don’t know how our Appa and Amma got married.Even they don’t know how aunty Amma bless us, So we planned how ever they need to know that in their future.If settled in the USA kids don’t need to know. So that we took a decision to marry again. It will be the different marriage because children are participating in their parent’s marriage, it is usually happening in states but not in Tamil culture especially we two from villages and doing like this is rare, and it will be a good chance to came to know about our uncle, aunty, grandpa, grandma, cousin for children. Not only that, it will the good idea to teach our culture so we do marriage.
Not only that in this our families are joined together and smiled. we like it and happy, blessed and accepted us it is very different.

it was really a different experience, really loved, really happy..
we too like this all are supporting us. We are happy
Thank you All ( By Baiju And Deepa )

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