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Kerala Viral Wedding Photoshoot -Sumit & Soumya

Sumit & Soumya

Kerala Viral Wedding Photoshoot by  Catzeyeweddings – Sumit & Soumya Wedding photoshoot from Catzeyeweddings goes viral over net during lockdown period. that were once-in-a-wave are getting active again. Beautiful photoshoot with a different idea is now full on social media. Businessman Sumit Menon and Soumya Mohan is the couple behind …

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Calcutta Pre Wedding Photos – Saachi Bhasin & Soham Daga

Saachi Bhasin & Soham Daga

Saachi Bhasin and Soham Daga’s pre-wedding was shot at Calcutta Bungalow, a restored heritage bungalow from the 1920s; The wardrobe was provided by Shaadilogy.com and styled by celebrity-stylist Neha Gandhi. The flawless makeup was done by Vatsala Bhagat. The stills and the video were made by two teams collaborating to …

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