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Look At The Complete List Of Kerala Groom Dresses

Kerala is really a heaven not only due to its scenic beauty and landscape but also due to its rich culture and tradition. This state is comprised of people of three different religions- Muslim, Hindu and Christian. When it comes to Kerala Wedding, utmost consideration is given to the clothing worn by bride and the groom, no matter what religion that they belong to. There is a misconception that only brides give immense consideration to their attires. This is entirely wrong as even grooms are looking for the best attire that makes them to look gorgeous and handsome on their special day.

Here Is The List Of Dresses For Kerala Grooms:


Being one of the most popular North Indian wedding clothing, Sherwani has also become a prominent choice for the dashing grooms in this State. Many grooms in Kerala have turned towards this hot style to look appealing on their wedding day. It is definitely a good approach to don up a delightful sherwani to impress the bride without any doubt. Of course, not only bride but everyone will definitely get impressed on looking at the wedding sherwani. These attires are available in bright red colors and slight gold shade, which makes it perfect to be worn during a wedding reception.

Fusion Wear:

Today, we have seen many changes especially with the wedding dresses for both brides and grooms. However, the remarkable changes have been seen in groom clothing only in the past few years. In fact, many of us would have not expected that the changes would be prudential, but they are very appealing. Fusion wears have become another popular choice among Kerala grooms. These attires are ideal for mirroring the contemporary styles integrated with conventional features. This kind of attires includes the perfect blend of personalized sherwani with the right components. Moreover, it is the fusion of conventional Indian Sherwani and a designer suit in western style.


Choosing a wedding suit for Kerala groom is one of the easiest decisions. These suits provide the grooms with an opportunity of looking perfect on the most important day of their life. Wearing suit is the best option during a fantastic, glorious and critical wedding event. The wedding suits for Kerala grooms are available in a wide range of styles and shades and come as two pieces or three pieces. You have a lot of color options such as naval blue, brown, white and black to choose from. Of course, the wedding suits are available in many other colors but these colors would be more appropriate for Kerala Grooms.

Delightful Dhoti:

Among the available choices in Kerala Groom clothing, the only kind of apparel that we can choose to represent the conventional couture for men is Desi and Dhoti. Even though many kinds of wedding apparels have been introduced in the market for Kerala Grooms, there is a great demand and reputation for Desi and Dhoti. It is one of the most important and popular traditional wears in India. However, many latest designed and models have been introduced in these desi and Dhoti. So, on wearing these attires, it is quite possible for Kerala Grooms to stand out among the crowd and create an eye-catching effect.

As of now, we have seen a wide range of wedding dresses for Kerala grooms. On looking at their description, you would have understood that utmost consideration is given to choose the dress that makes the groom look perfect, gorgeous and handsome on their wedding day. Of course, the groom dresses are chosen based on the personal preferences of the groom and prominently, the budget.

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