Kerala Wedding Blouse Designs

Kerala Wedding Blouse Designs 2021

Fashion is one thing in our lives whose constant is to keep changing! Kerala sarees are also known as kasavu sarees are known for their charm in simplicity and delightful elegance. Kasavu sarees, although more popular in South India have gained a lot of attention in almost all parts of India as well. It is a saree of cream colour and has a rich zari border.

People from different parts of the globe style kasavu saree with different blouses of varied designs and colours. This way it provides a traditional elegant look along with a classy style!

Today we discuss some wedding blouse designs to pair with kasavu sarees and make everyone stare in awe!


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Classic Blouse Designs

A classic blouse rich in colour is no doubt a great match with a classic cream saree. Go for classic blouse designs with complicated artwork for sleeves, neck or back. It is better to choose a rich dark colour like bottle green or maroon so the embellished parts are highlighted and can be decorated with jewels or stones to complete the look.

Sleeveless Boat Neck Blouse Designs

Sleeveless boat neck designs in a wedding blouse helps decipher your beautiful curves and can be worn equally well by women of all shapes and sizes. Boat neck blouses look gorgeous with kasavu and a plain design on the blouse makes it look even more stylish.

Cold Shouldered Wedding Blouse

Cold shouldered wears in dresses or lehengas is the new hot trend of the season! To give your blouse one tint of modern style with ethnic wear, pair your kasavu saree with a cold-shouldered wedding blouse. You can choose a deep or a light cut at the shoulders depending on your personal choice or the wedding occasion.

High Neck Elbow Blouse Designs

High neck wedding blouse designs give a perfect look of ethnicity mixed with modern. They are quite in trend these days and a must wear in winter as they cover your shoulders and neck. With high neck blouses, you can either pair them with no necklace or a necklace that is tight on the neck in case your blouse has no collar. High neck blouses come in varying sleeve lengths which you can choose according to your preference.

Embroidered Full Sleeve Blouse

A full sleeve blouse covered in heavy embroidery is the type of blouse which comes off as a royal choice for a Kerala wedding. These blouses can be obtained in dark colours like red or purple and look perfect with golden or silver colour embroidery. Go for whichever colour matches your skin tone. These blouses are also a life saviour in the winter season as your hands remain covered in thick clothing!

Traditional Blouse Designs With Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves when paired with kasavu sarees provide an overall traditional look perfect for weddings. If you have slim arms go for more volume in the puff. If you are thick on the arms, try with less volume and subtle puffs. These ways you can complement your body with the perfect designer blouse.

Printed Blouse Designs

Printed blouses come in a wide range of varieties; including all type of colours, prints and it is a good fit for women of all shapes and sizes. Prints can range from 3D to surreal designs. Hand printed blouses in either cotton or fabrics are a good to go match for kasavu sarees. They use natural colours to create vibrant hues. Floral and geometric prints are also a fit for kasavu sarees.

Rich Brocade Kerala Wedding Blouses

The rich brocade with eye-catchy colours is a perfect combination for a wedding night. Brocade blouses have sleeves of varying length, but elbow length sleeves provide more elegance to the look as a whole. You can also stitch classic neck patterns to pair it with simple necklace which will compel people to stare at you for sure! Brocade blouses with cap sleeves are also quite a good match for the ceremony.

Halter Neck Blouse Designs

Looking for a modern look but still want the tradition to remain intact? Here comes the solution- Pair your simple kasavu saree with a printed halter neckline blouse. This is sure to make an impacting impression of cosmopolitan and conventional. Halter necklines are also the perfect option for a summer night as it lets your neck and shoulders to breathe. You are the one who is going to make this less popular known beautiful.

Back Embroidery Blouses

Instead of deep cuts in the back of the blouse, you can go for something that shows a little more work in the back. It can be embroidery and prints to complement your kasavu saree. Embellished shines with the perfect amount of work will let your saree shine and make you stand out for the night!

Trendy Blouse Designs

Grab the attention of the people at the wedding by rocking a contemporised saree look! Yes ditch the old boring blouse for this south Indian wedding and go for something more experimental and classy which includes varied designs and patterns. Look up for some inspiration in fashion magazines and make it look like your own fashion statement this time!

Light Mirror Designs On Blouse

A light mirror look on blouses provides the defined festive look that you are looking for. The mirror chips can be round or diamond shaped according to your choice. Shiny colours along with this subtle design are a go to for weddings, but do keep in mind not to overdo the mirror work as it would not compliment well on a kasavu saree.

Open Back Blouses

Want to show more skin in a saree while still looking loyal? Here is the tip. Go for open back blouses which have a very deep cut upto the lower back. These types of blouses look really beautiful with long sleeves which give them a casual and modest look at the same time. Let your hair remain open and compliment your saree with this beautiful blouse which can be printed or have a solid colour texture.

Embroidered Sleeves Blouse

An embroidered sleeve blouse goes perfectly well with a kasavu saree. A classic cut from the neck and a medium cut in the back, along with a heavily embroidered sleeve is the classy look you need on a wedding night. Pair it if you can with jhumkas that match your embroidery.

Shoulder Detailing With Long Sleeves

Patterns or designs on the shoulder to give your blouse some extra drama is a plus tip for styling kasavu sarees. With shoulder highlights, it is better to opt for longer sleeves so it can mix up the heavy work. For a wedding night, this style is a must try!

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