Kerala Bridal Dress For Different Religions

Insightful Information On Kerala Bridal Dress For Different Religions

Wedding Day is one of the most important and a special day in everyone’s life. For a girl, wedding day is more special as she is going to become a part of a new family. It is a dream for every girl to look awesome and eye-catching and so, bridal dress is chosen to utmost care. In Kerala, there are three major religions namely Hindu, Christian and Muslim. Not only the marriage rituals differ between the religions but even the bridal dresses vary a lot. Whether it is a Hindu wedding, Muslim wedding or Christian wedding, the bride will be treated as the center of attraction and all her family members make every effort to make her look more gorgeous on the special day.

Christian Bridal Dress:

In Kerala, the dress worn by Christian bride for her wedding differs slightly in terms of pattern and color of the bridal dress worn by the brides of Muslim and Hindu religions. In contrast to the bright colored saris worn by brides in marriages of other religions, the Christian brides wear sari in white color. In fact, Christian bridal dress in Kerala includes a white veil that adds a touch to the elegant look of the attire. As the white color represents purity, the brides of Christian families prefer wearing this color on the special day. Apart from white color saris, the Kerala Christian brides also prefer wearing bridal gowns on the wedding day. These gowns will be in white or ivory color and look gorgeous and stunning with lots of embellishments.

Hindu Bridal Dress:

Wedding Day is more special and immense efforts have been invested to make this special even more memorable. Hindu brides are made to look at their best in the expensive, grand, appealing wedding dress and matching ornaments. Typically, the bride will be wearing a bright colored, extremely adorned sari at the Hindu Marriage in Kerala. In fact, most of the brides prefer adorning themselves by wearing Kanchipuram Silk sari, which is the best and the most expensive silk sari available in Kerala. Apart from Kanchipuram saris Hindu brides also wear lavishly decorated georgette and crepe saris on their special day. The bridal dress of a Hindu girl in Kerala is decorated with the most beautiful and the finest handiworks of Zardosi, zari, mirror work, embroidery, sequence, cut work, sequence, kasab, pearl work, kundan and patchwork. These embellishments add credit and special effects to the Hindu bridal dress in Kerala whilst making the wearer to look classy and elegant.

Muslim Bridal Dress:

Muslim families in Kerala have the custom of choosing the bright color dress to be worn by the bride on her wedding day. Typically, the Muslim brides prefer wearing bright color silk sari in attractive shades and good embellishment. When it comes to traditional Muslim marriages in Kerala, the brides will be wearing lehenga and this custom is still followed in many of the families. They will choose the lehenga in bright colors and designs based on their budget and preferences. Their bridal dress includes a bright color lehenga and is accompanied by a headdress or dupatta. Of course, the combination of stunning lehenga and headdress enriches the gorgeousness and loveliness of the bride. Usually, this headdress will be decorated with laces or zari along the edges. This dupatta is used to cover the face of the bride and will be removed only after all the wedding rituals are completed.

There are many boutiques in Kerala where you can find bridal dress for the brides regardless of their religion. In fact, you can get the best deal when you choose to purchase a wedding dress at a recognized store.

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