Kerala Wedding And Honeymoon Trip

Comprehensive Information On Kerala Wedding And Honeymoon Trip

Pre Wedding Tradition:

Kerala is flooded with natural harbors, pristine beaches and lagoons and is perfect venue for wedding. In fact, this state has a lot of locations which are optimal choice for organizing your wedding in the best possible manner. As per Hindu Culture, Kerala Wedding also begins with the comparison of horoscopes of the bride and groom. Only if their horoscopes match, the date of marriage will be finalized after consulting with the astrologers. Bride and groom dine with the elders and relatives of their family, the day before the wedding. The bride is made to sit facing the east and has a five-course vegetarian meal along with her family members.

Wedding Ceremonies:

On the wedding day, the groom reaches the bride’s house in conventional dhoti attire. He is made to sit in the northwestern room where “patha puja” will be held. During this puja, the bride’s father washes the feet of the groom and welcomes him. An off-white sari thathas to be worn by bride for the marriage will be given by the groom to the bride’s father. The wedding ceremony is performed before agni or fire, during which groom ties “thali” around the neck of the bride. Then, the bride’s father gives bride’s hands to the groom and this ceremony is called kanyadaanam. After certain rituals are performed in front of Agni, the groom lifts of the foot of the bride in his hand and places it on Ammi or grinding stone to put Metti or toe ring.

Post Wedding Formalities:

Once the wedding rituals are over, the guests and relatives are provided with a feast followed by giving thamboolas to appreciate their presence in the wedding. The bride and groom depart from the wedding venue at a specific time as per the fixed muhoortam. After receiving the blessings of the elders and parents, the bride leaves from the wedding venue. Another ceremony called Grihapravesh is performed at a new house or in the groom’s house. Followed by this event, another ceremony called Kudiveypu or setting a new family is organized here at the groom’s house. The bride and groom will be welcomed with aarthi and while entering the groom’s house, bride places her right foot inside the house. She will be holding a traditional lamp while entering the house, representing that she brings happiness and prosperity into her new family. The bride also boils milk in the kitchen to ensure her inclusion in her husband’s family.

Kerala Honeymoon Trip:

After a big hectic wedding ritual, it is an ideal time for the couple to get relaxed. Yes, the couple plans for a honeymoon trip where they will begin their marriage life by getting close and understanding each other. In fact, Kerala Honeymoon provides a lot of scope to indulge in romantic getaways. There are several places in Kerala where the couple can spend some quality time whilst escaping from the hectic, robotic lives. Planning for a honeymoon in Kerala provides you with a long lasting experience that stays in your memories forever.

There are many tourist operators who come up with various honeymoon packages for the newlywed couple. Whether you are looking for a luxurious romantic trip, activity honeymoon trip or adventurous honeymoon trip, Kerala honeymoon trip will definitely cater to your needs. These travel packages include accommodation, transportation facilities, pick up and drop facilities and many more. The couple can also choose from long and short honeymoon packages as per their requirement. Kovalam, Wayanad, Thekkady, Poovar, Alleppey and Munnar are some of the best romantic destinations in Kerala. In fact, people from various parts of the country travel to spend their honeymoon in Kerala.

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