Explore The Collection Of Traditional Silk Sarees And Modern Designer Sarees For Kerala Brides

Wedding is regarded as the most memorable and important ceremony in every woman’s life. Several things are sought after to afford a stunning look to the brides. Even accessories should be chosen well in advance to get the right look. As the market is flooded with numerous options, it is extremely important to choose the right saree. You could find sarees available in different materials and colors and so, picking up the right one could be confusing as well. Wedding sarees are not just popular in the country but even all over the world. They are highly recognized for its exquisiteness and ethnic beauty. You have countless varieties of sarees for the Kerala brides to choose from.

Traditional Silk Sarees

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Variety Of Sarees

Though the variety of sarees worn by brides varies across the country, the Keralite brides are serious about looking trendier and so, they are ready to try out different varieties to achieve the perfect bridal look on their wedding. They prefer wearing kanjeevaram silk sarees from Tamil Nadu and Kashmiri sarees, Benaras sarees from North Indian states. No matter how and where the sarees are manufactured, the Kerala brides easily lean towards them if they have intricate patterns and designs.
Different Silk Sarees
Mysore silk sarees are well known for their rich and light weight fabrics that make it easier for wearing. The kianchipuram wedding sarees are made of pure silk and are regarded as the most elegant and expensive sarees. They are quite expensive as the works found on these sarees come usually in gold. Banarasi sarees are elegant and expensive and involve beautiful patterns and intricate designs made with pure gold threads. Earlier, the brides were insisted to wear sarees only in the shades of maroon and red as it was regarded auspicious for marriages. Those days, red color was known to represent marital bliss, black and prosperity. However, the bridal sarees are available in a wide range of colors such as blue, pink, orange, green, yellow and so forth.
Designer Sarees
Designer bridal sarees are extremely popular among brides. You would find designer sarees available in the shades of pink, peach, mauve, olive green, etc. These are extremely trendier not only among Kerala brides but among everyone. Those days, the brides draped only red sarees with matching accessories but you could find sarees available in different colors and complementing accessories. The modern brides who want to look trendy prefer wearing sarees with laces, stone work, pearls and mirrors which are not only expensive but serve to be a great feast for eyes. A well decorated designer saree is known to afford a unique appearance to the bride and make her look fashionable on the special day.
Decorated Designer Sarees
There is a great demand for designer sarees among brides because of the availability of outfit in different hues. For example, you could find sarees from mundane red to dark maroon shades; teal green to turquoise blue. Of course, the entire beauty of the outfit is appraised only because of the complementing accessories and expensive zari and embroidery works. The designer sarees are known for their flexibility, which means that you can add several decorative elements to it to enrich its beauty. Even a less expensive saree with simple design can be made gorgeous by including several artistic works such as embroideries, stone works and aari works into it. There are many specialists available who could design the sarees as per your desire. All you need is to convey your budget and the look you want to achieve. You can get your saree decorated and embellished with apt decorative items to enhance its value.

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