Wedding Film Of Arjun Nandilath And Ashvika

Weva Photography

Two hearts are meeting silently
in the middle of an embrace.
The string of love have tangled us.
The Earth, sun, moon, stars….
Approves this beautiful moment.
The sun rays adorns the garlands,
The earth looks like a ravishing canopy!!!

The stars are like diamonds.
The moon has a luminous smile.
You are the girl of my dreams!!
Let’s make a vow, right here and now
Today we celebrate a bright new life,
God has given us until end of time.
I will hold your hand with all my heart.

Til’ the day life is through…
From this moment our life begins.
The magic is happening……

Couple : Arjun And Ashvika
Location : Guruvayur, Adlux Convention Center
Composition : Team Weva
Contact : +91 9061040472
Mail :

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