Trends And Innovations Seen In Kerala Wedding

List Of Emerging Trends And Innovations Seen In Kerala Wedding

Today, you can find brides and grooms looking to organize their wedding in a unique way. They want to be distinct in almost every feature to make their special day more memorable and innovative. Tulip imported from Singapore, matching decor, sky lanterns, crystal glassware, take away gifts and many other aspects are given utmost consideration in Kerala Weddings. Let us have a look at the innovations and the trends seen now in Kerala wedding.

Unique Invitation:

A new trend has emerged in inviting the guests and relatives to Kerala wedding. Instead of giving usual invitation cards, the couples prefer giving away a small box that has a story about the bride and groom on a scented paper. It also includes some gifts, route maps and homemade chocolates in various compartments. Some couples include gold coins inside the boxes for special guests. There is also a great demand for cards adorned with crystals and beads among keralites. The cost of the card varies from 200 to 400 with additional charges for the crystal embellishments.

Masti And Dance:

While the wedding ceremony is conducted as per various ritual rites, the day before the wedding has been included with lots of innovations. In those days, there would not be any grand celebration before the wedding or reception in Kerala but now people have started to organize a grand Sangeet program with mehendi ceremony and dance along with bachelorette and bachelor parties.

Another emerging trend in Kerala wedding is that the reception is organized in farm houses than in hotel or in the public hall. Apart from music bands, popular musicians such as Stephen Devassy, Sivamani and Balabhaskar are invited to perform. There is a great demand for the winders of realty shows among Keralites. Some families are bringing in harpists and bands from overseas and local musicians to ensure utmost entertainment for the guests.

Classy Yet Trendy:

Right from the entrance and walkaway to the stage, everything is color matched. There is a great desire for colors such as pale pink, gold and off-white among Kerala brides and grooms. No one wants flashy decor with adornments; rather they want the decor to be in contrast to the bridal goods. It has become common to use important flowers like Tulip for Kerala wedding decorations. Crystal curtains reflecting light and an embellished stage with a fairy tale appearance are commonly seen in Kerala wedding.

Designers Hire:

The Kerala brides are hiring top notch designers such as Manish Malhotra and RohitBal to design their wedding attires. Even professional make-up artists are also hired to dress-up the bride and her family members.


Earlier, only traditional vegetarian foods were served for the guests in Kerala wedding but now everything has changed. Arab, Chinese and continental dishes are served to the guests to make them to remember the wedding forever. In some celebrity weddings, a separate section for pastries, juices and sweets are devoted, where the guests can have as much as they can.

Candid Photography:

Most of the Kerala families prefer opting for candid photography through which the natural shots of the couples can be taken over traditional poses. Another emerging wedding photographic trend is to show the pictures of the couple right from their childhood days to the present time.

Gifts For Guests:

The innovations have not left the take away gifts presented to the guests. In many Kerala wedding, you could see families presenting gifts like towels in which the couple’s names are printed. Even silver plates and boxes are also provided to the guests as a small gratitude for their gracious presence in the wedding.

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