Exciting Entertainment Ideas for Kerala Wedding

Exciting Entertainment Ideas for Kerala Wedding and Reception

There are many people who have a misconception that there is no other interesting aspect associated with wedding. However, if you plan your wedding in a well-organized manner, you can add lots and lots of elements to it. Though the feast is absolutely enjoyable, Kerala wedding is not all about tasting a delicious dinner or lunch. Many kinds of entertainments can be arranged for the wedding or reception to make the day more memorable in your life. While Kerala weddings are stuffed with lots and lots of rituals and ceremonies, there are some essential entertainments associated with each religious ritual. Apart from the emulated ceremonies, there are also some regional extravaganzas and traditional performances that add touch to the wedding event. You can transform the traditional ceremony to the modern and contemporary ones with flamboyant celebrations. Basically, Kerala wedding entertainments are classified into two types and they include traditional and nontraditional wedding entertainment.

Traditional Wedding Entertainments

The traditional wedding entertainments in Kerala vary from one religion to another and across the state as well. If you have decided to stage the destination wedding in the state of Kerala, you can incorporate any kind of conventional entertainment performances by borrowing a leaf from the cultural heritage of the state.

Wedding Entertainments For Hindus, Muslims And Christians

Hindu weddings are typically a tranquil affair and there is not much hullabaloo involved in them. Some of the families decide to organize folk dances and traditional dances along with musical performances including thiruvathira kali, kathakali and mohiniyattam. These performances can be seen during reception or during celebration on the eve of the marriage. When it comes to Muslims, they will be showing the performance of Oppana dance at the house of bridegroom. However, the Christian weddings include a rhythmic margam kali. There are also other entertainments such as light classical music or sangeet celebration at the bridegroom’s house on the eve of wedding. Of course, these sangeet and musical celebrations can also be arranged during wedding reception as well. They will be rendering a romantic ambience to the celebration of evening reception.

Nontraditional Entertainments

There are some families that breakthrough the tradition in terms of bringing in non- traditional form of entertainments. There are lots of unique things that you can do for keeping your esteemed guests entertained.
Here are some non-traditional entertainment ideas:

1. Instrumental fusion

The instrumental fusion has the ability of lifting the mood and spirits of the wedding. In case you get a chance to hire a popular band or orchestra to perform, you can be sure of having a rock and roll kind of fun. You can also make arrangement for awesome DJ performances. You can rope in the popular Disc Jockey for electrifying your special day in an excellent way.

2. Masti songs

You can engage your guests and audience easily with a simple dosage of Bollywood mixture and complete it with the dance performances such as Bhangra. If you want to organize a unique dance party, you can even bring a popular dance master to perform during the reception. This is really an excellent way of entertaining your guests.

3. Entertainment for kids

Most of the wedding entertainments are aimed at the adults and so, you can look for some entertainment ideas just for kids. You can allot a small room for the kids which is stocked with toys and books. You can arrange for a babysitter to play games and tell stories to the kids. This unique idea not only keeps the kids occupied whilst letting their parents to be free for enjoying other wedding entertainments sans worrying about their little ones.

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