7 Tips for the Perfect Summer Beach Wedding

Deciding on the season is quite an important decision when it comes to planning your wedding – the environmental setting allows you to tell your story and make a unique event that will be remembered. If you two are summer children, this is probably not a difficult decision for you; as far as I’m concerned, this is the most wonderful time of the year and thus the most appropriate one for the big date.

Every season has different rules according to which you should organize your wedding in order to avoid potential disasters – here’s what you should have in mind if you’re getting married during the summer.

Summer Beach Wedding

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Indoors-Outdoors Venue
The whole point of having a wedding when it’s sunny is being outside – spending a wonderful day surrounded by everyone you love is an amazing way to celebrate your love. However, if you are not careful, everyone will end up with sunburns and sunstrokes and that comes with really nasty consequences.
So, in order to avoid this mess, you should create an indoors-outdoors event and it would probably be best to find a natural shade, so your guests can unwind under the trees.

Keep Your Guests Cooled
If temperature rises to a level that’s impossible to bear, you need to be prepared. My suggestion is to get AC units just in case – having one problem less to be worried about is always good, and both of you can actually just enjoy this day. You can also get cooling gadgets or fans perhaps – this addition will make your wedding more elegant.

Refreshing H2O Beverages
Other than your usual drinks selection that involves alcohol, you should also have in mind that all that heat will dehydrate your guests and alcoholic beverages will only speed up this process. This is why you need to make sure that your guests are provided with fresh water that’s served in cooled glasses with a slice of lemon or lime, perhaps.

Sunscreen Is a Must
One thing is for certain – you really don’t want to remember your wedding by the fact that everyone was covered with redness on their face because they got sunburnt. Therefore, when you create an event, make sure to tell all the people on your guest list to protect their skin.

Mind Your Makeup
Other than having appropriate SPF protection, you should also be aware of the fact that you shouldn’t wear heavy makeup because you will spend the whole wedding attempting to stop it from leaking off your face. Go with a light variant and you’ll feel more beautiful and more comfortable in your own skin.

Talk to Your Photographer
Considering the amount of light that will surround you on this magical day, you need to take certain precautions. It often happens that photographers come unprepared so the entire footage will look like an old tape that’s been exposed to light.

When interviewing your photographer, make sure to find out every single detail about their list of services – like video editing services for instance – so that you can know exactly what to expect from them.

Create a Light Summer Menu
Make sure to serve meals which are easy to digest – with high temperatures and heavy meals, your guests won’t be able to get up from their chairs at all. If you provide your guests with light foods that are an excellent energy source, you’ll have yourself a fun party.

If you follow through these guidelines, your wedding day will go great, have no doubt. An important piece of advice you should take – if something doesn’t go according to plan, my sincere suggestion is to laugh about it instead of going through a nervous breakdown. Whatever the case, you’ll have an interesting story to tell your children.

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