Vegan Wedding

How to Throw a Vegan Wedding ?

Throwing a wedding is supposed to be a joyous event, but what is merry for you often turns out to be sorrowful for someone else. In order to throw a traditional wedding, one must have blood of dozens of animals on their hands. Furthermore, they must also live of the caged slavery of thousand other animals exploited for their eggs or dairy products. Still, for those interested in making their own celebration without causing pain or humiliation to any living creature, here are some tips on how to throw a perfect vegan wedding.

Animal-Friendly Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

First of all, even though a traditional bachelor/bachelorette party isn’t strictly speaking against the vegan lifestyle, it isn’t beneficial to it, either. Instead of wasting your money and, more importantly, time on such a trivial manifestation, why not do something good. For example, you and your friends could spend a day at the animal sanctuary or shelter and help out with any tasks they may have for you. This is just one of the unconventional bachelor/bachelorette party ideas you can opt for even if you are not a vegan. For what it is worth, you will still strengthen the bond amongst the group and have a lot of fun along the way. A clear and undeniable win-win scenario if there ever was one.

Clothing and Make-up

When we mention vegan wedding, most people think just about catering (although important, this comes later). Still, there are many other ways in which soon-to-be-married couples are harming animals without even knowing it. There isn’t really that much of a difference between eating meat and wearing silk and wool. Sure, some may argue that there is no murder involved in the latter, but who can say that this kind of heartless exploitation of living things isn’t even worse. Furthermore, when using make-up, you need to be as careful not to take anything that was tested on animals. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to endorse this kind of people by applying a product of their cruelty on your skin.

Sending a Message

Your wedding doesn’t have to be just a casual gathering between friends to celebrate a union between two people when it can be so much more. There is nothing wrong in turning the most important day of your lives into an event that could make our world a better place. With this in mind, here are a few things you need to think of. For example, the wedding speech doesn’t necessarily need to be about the event. It can also be the message about the importance of ending animal cruelty once and for all.


Finally, the most important issue of all is always the one of food that will be presented on your wedding. While some may argue that it may be selfish towards your non-vegan guests to make catering completely vegan, this is only because they’ve never tried real vegan food. Even though the majority of people still live in delusion that one cannot have a feast without meat, the party catering experts claim the opposite. They say that if you fail to stress out that there is no meat on the menu, most people (even non-vegans) won’t even see the difference. Who knows, playing your cards right in this area might just result in a convert or two. An idea worth any effort.

By doing your best to make your wedding planet- and animal-friendly, you might have a wedding of your dreams and make a difference at the same time. Unlike few decades ago, in 2016, all you need to do is choose to go vegan in any aspect of your life. With so many services out there ready to cover any of these duties, all you will have to do is sit back and relax, while your perfect vegan wedding is being brought to life.

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