Kerala Wedding

7 Tips for the Perfect Summer Beach Wedding

Summer Beach Wedding

Deciding on the season is quite an important decision when it comes to planning your wedding – the environmental setting allows you to tell your story and make a unique event that will be remembered. If you two are summer children, this is probably not a difficult decision for you; …

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Valuable Makeup Tips For Modern Kerala Brides

Modern Kerala Brides

If you have attended any Kerala wedding, then you might have seen the brides dressed up elegantly and adorned themselves with a huge amount of wedding jewelries. In fact, Kerala weddings are highly recognized for the grand celebration of ceremonies. A specific amount of the budget will be allotted to …

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Find Out About the Latest Kerala Wedding Trends of 2017

Latest Kerala Wedding Trends of 2017

When it comes to Kerala bridal fashion, the trends tend to change every year extensively. Last year, the traditional designs blended properly with bright sparkling hues and modern cuts. However this year, desi bridal fashion is going to become the greatest fashion statement for the Kerala brides. If you take …

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New Trends in Wedding Invitations – Chat Invitations

chat wedding invitation

People really take their weddings seriously. And why shouldn’t they? Weddings are some of the most important days in our lives. They are when we make a lifetime commitment to another person. TARS understand this and made a simple proposition for you : Chat based invitations will make weddings a more …

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Perfect Wedding Gifts for Your Bestie

Perfect Wedding Gifts

The gift you present to your bestie should surpass all other gifts and that’s why it’s important to carefully consider your options. The gift in question should be something intimate, personal and sentimental but at the same time useful and valuable. If you’re still having trouble with coming up with …

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Unique Wedding Ideas

Unique Wedding Ideas

Weddings are occasions to celebrate love and union of two people, but nowadays, they are also a way to express creativity and individuality in the most grandiose manner. In that respect, most couples opt for very interesting, unusual and unique wedding themes that set them apart from the rest as …

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5 Commonly Forgotten Things for Weddings


Weddings are always special, but the pains of planning it, sometimes goes beyond control. Why? Because there are thousand and one things to plan and amidst the pressure of effortless execution, you tend to forget some most important things. And when you finally realize about that “great miss”, it’s already …

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